2D vs 3D Beat ’em Ups: FIGHT!

Bout 1: crash Due to watching the promo video of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the lines of the battlefield have blurred – what exactly were the origins behind the first beat ‘em up games? Why does Streetfighter keep to the 2D format even though we’re 3D and 4D capable now? All these questions and more […]

The Avengers Assembled Big Time

Went to see Avengers Assemble, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since I saw the preview ad’s online. This is one of the few times I walked into the cinema expecting an awesome movie, sadly we had to see 3D which really didn’t make a difference, just made my purse lighter. Much talk […]

Retro Gaming Review: Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX (9) was released by Square in 2000. It was directed by Hiroyuki Itō and co-produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Shinji Hashimoto. Was the final Final Fantasy to be produced for the PlayStation. However, PS3 have the privilege of reliving the epic saga by downloading it on the PlayStation Network. After its two […]

Ra.One: Gaming with proverbs

I finally got round to seeing Shurukh Khan’s super hyped movie produced by his wifey, mum sky plus-ed it and I sat down with a open mind and some Toffe Butterkist popcorn. This movie was heavily advertised, wherever Mr Khan could he media whored himself preformed the item song on every show, movie awards, apparently it didn’t […]

Retro Review Bloopers: Final Fantasy 9

So animepicks.co.uk did a poll on the next RPG games to review and i thought ‘hey I like those games, why don’t I review them?’ Emailed the editor however it was someone else’s idea (booo) but since they were busy do other articles, she told me to go on ahead – yaaay, while I have free time, […]

It’s just a Bromance

It’s a Bro-mance, download the song on itunes (oh yess indeed!) Life hasn’t been the same since I saw this video, it’s given a new meaning to the word Bromance. I have witnessed full frontal Bromances these last couple of weeks, to the extent of being almost shoved off the sofa: “Get out of the […]

Streetfighter x Tekken Event at 02 Islington

 brand new gaming event to hit the 02 Academy2, sponsored by Dominos Pizza & Madcatz. My friend Bevster from Rock n’ Ramen invited me to this event because of my recent proclamation of Tekken being the superior fighting game (fact). It’s being held at O2 Academy 2 Islington on Sunday 29th April 2012Doors opening : 12.00pmShow time: TBCFinish: […]

PSP Vita Overview: Rocking the Social Network

Everyone is going wild at the moment for the next generation hand consoles. Summer is coming and we all want to game in the glorious sunshine. The Playstation Portable Vita (PSP Vita) was released in Europe February 2012 and had shops in a lockdown with pre-orders. With a long life battery to withstand  non-use for […]

Brighton, Bdays & no blankets

photos courtesy of Anty Quinn  Ah I complete believe it I managed to round up a bunch of the Anime society for Sean’s Birthday party! (trust me this is no easy feat, it’s like catching free range hens). After some evil plotting the suprise back fired and all was revealed to Sean as well he thought no one was […]