Retro Gaming Review: Final Fantasy IX


Final Fantasy IX (9) was released by Square in 2000. It was directed by Hiroyuki Itō and co-produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi and Shinji Hashimoto. Was the final Final Fantasy to be produced for the PlayStation. However, PS3 have the privilege of reliving the epic saga by downloading it on the PlayStation Network.

After its two predecessors heavily featuring an increasing sci-fi slant, FF 9 was intended to return the series to its fantasy-oriented roots. The characters, previously rendered into realistic were deliberately made into chibi characters including in the CGI cut scenes.

We are given more background information to the Black Mages (featured in the past games), including the playable adorable party member Vivi. Also Moogles once again ruled as save points and had their own side plot of sending messages to each other and you got to know the ‘kupo network’ these guys are not seen enough in the FF series, it was also a nice touch to see some banter between Eiko and her pet moogle, Mog.

Apart for the ugly graphics of the characters, everything else is spot on -the backgrounds, script, story and music (done by genius composer Nobuo Uematsu). Even with witty repartee between characters, the game laughs at itself in between heavy storyline. Four addictive discs of playtime, using classic chocobos to run around the map till you get your flying ship, fighting mechanics and without all that materia hoo ha. You also have the chance to wonder around and find bonus characters like the eccentric black mage eating Quina who turned out to my strongest and favourite fighter. Get the right combination of front fighters and back mages and battles become a breeze.


So if you want to lose yourself into some entertaining story and enjoy beautifully directed CGI, then please search eBay for this game or download it on PSN, it is one the best RPG’s out there.

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    Lol there are photos out there of me on 😀

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    Final fantasy IX= best game in the series besides III for the DS. I'd also like to see you dress like a Lolita :3

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