Worldwide Dunny Series 2012 Artist Signing Party London


Thursday, June 21st, 2012 KIDROBOT INC around the world held signings at all their major stores in commemoration of their newest Dunny series, featuring 20 designs by 14 famous artists.

DS2012 features the art ambassadors from the hands of Andrew Bell, Attaboy, Scribe, Jeremiah Ketner, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Junko Mizuno, Kronk, MAD, Mauro Gatti, Sergio Mancini, Nakanari, Pac23, Tara McPherson, and Triclops Studio.

Paul Budnitz the founder of Kidrobot, is now the world’s premiere creator of art toys, fashion apparel and accessories. 2002 is when Budnitz discovered images of limited edition vinyl toys that were emerging from Japan and China based on cereal box characters and modified GI-Joes turned into stylized B-boys wearing streetwear. Budnitz recognized the toys as collectible art pieces that fused a variety of artistic disciplines: graffiti, graphic design, pop-art, and animation.

Dunny collectors feverishly anticipating this launch had a choice of over 100 Trading Parties to go to around the globe from 6-9pm. Plus depending on the store you went to, you got to meet the artists of the Dunnies in this new series:

KRSF – Junko Mizuno and Attaboy
KRNY – Tara McPherson, Andrew Bell and SUCKLORD
KRLA – Jeremiah Ketner and Nakanari
KRMIA – Pac23
KRLDN – Jon Paul Kaiser and Triclops Studios
KR at the Cosmopolitan LV – MAD and Scribe
Sixxa Store, Vienna, Austria – Mauro Gatti
ToiToy, Capetown, South Africa – Kronk

With a case pack purchase, receive the EXCLUSIVE Gay Empire, Suckadelic Overmaster- Supreme Dunny by SUCKLORD. And a cool Kidrobot tote bag!

Kidrobot describe this series of Dunny as: “Seasoned Dunny masters jump in the mix with fresh blood, creating characters that push Dunny into new worlds with new sculpts, new uses of the Dunny platform, new treatments, and new plans. A more colorful mix than you would find in the Mos Eisley Cantina, each figure is its own species – an ambassador to the mind of its creator. If you are one of the lucky few to see them all together, you will find a window into what whimsy and wickedness lies under the creative rocks found in the far away corners of the Dunny galaxy.”

I was fortunate enough to attend the London event and got my Dunny postcard signed by Triclops Studio around 7.30pm, people were still booming in and out buying Dunnies by the crate for £150. A few people sat in store and opened their mystery boxes and came across the rare Junko Dunny up close what made it shine amongst all the designs were the different textures used to make the hair and overall the biggest Dunny with most detail. The Kronk design seems to be the most elusive as no one in store had opened one however I left triumphant with my Jeremiah Ketner Dunny.

To find out more about the Kidrobot series, visit:

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