Interview – Siobhan Alcaide: Designer and Illustrator


At a recent Kidrobot Dunny Launch in Covent Garden, London I came across a local budding artist. Upon reaching for a poster, she was handing out she mentioned she was plugging her own art. One thing lead to another and the result is as follows.

How long have you been drawing and what inspired you to get into art? 

My brothers were both pretty creative growing up, so while they played videogames, I would sit in the corner drawing from the instruction booklets of the games or my collection of Disney movies and then wave my drawings at them to gain approval, advice and motivation to keep going. In short, my brothers are the reason why I draw – past, present and future.
Artists that inspire me… Disney movies FOREVER – the concept art by Glen and Claire Keane… I want to steal one of their sketchbooks! I think Tekkon Kinkreet might be my favourite anime film. Satoshi Kon’s movies amaze me both with visuals and story. I also like the dark, creepy and rough tones of Dave Mckean’s work 😀 Those are just a few artists named though. I do like browsing through art books/indie comics every pay day, and buy whatever I find interesting.

Did you study art at school/university, what do you focus on?

I just finished studying Graphic Design at uni, who seemed to hate my style of drawing and made me focus on everything that isn’t cartoons. In fact, most of my teachers throughout school and college would steer me away from manga and cartoons… so for the past 5 years I’ve essentially been trying to focus on whatever they wanted from me, which has lead to me learning a thing or two about art theory and techniques, but over all, the experience of university has sucked the life and passion out of me and it’s taking me a while to recover from it -_-‘

You mentioned you liked manga, are you pursuing this interest further?

Now I’m trying to focus on my comics and illustrations using mixed media (because I like to make a mess like nobody’s business). One of my stories I’m working on, ‘Pink v Blue’ is about a girl who is trying to find her place in the world she lives in. It sounds like a simple coming of age story, but it has a lot of gender theory with some psychology stuff mixed in.

Have you been promoting your art anywhere else apart from showcasing at Kidrobot?

I rarely promote my work…I always try to go to Kidrobot events because I just love the store! Considering how much I go there in general, I haven’t been to that many over the years, but when I do, it’s always a really nice atmosphere. I just had my work on me because I left my degree show with left over work I couldn’t fit out! Approaching new people makes me anxious, and when people do approach me (online or in person) it feels really surreal and I still freak out a little inside… but I’m getting better at it! Now that I’m done with university I’m going to post things online a bit more regularly, and try my best to just talk to people 🙂


To follow the pretty picture trail of Siobhan go to her tumblr:

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