Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown – A 6 Year Rehash Worth Your Dough?

virtua fighter

Genre: Fighting
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points/ £9.99 PSN / free on PS Plus
Platform: PS3/XBOX 360

A rehash from the original Virtual fighter 5? Actually the core gameplay mechanics have been reworked extensively, you are given not just a new variety of moves but actually revised animations and faster reactions to your button bashing. The differences over Virtua Fighter 5 are considerable, Sega have also thrown in two new characters to win you patronage; newcomer Jean Kujo and veteran Sumo powerhouse Taka-Arashi from Virtua Fighter 3.

While other companies have attempted to take their flagship fighting games in new directions by adding in elaborate story modes given certain characters more prominence for nothing or by experimenting with flashy new gameplay alterations, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown sticks to it’s roots and Sega decided to make a better Virtua Fighter 5 than running amok creating number six.

Focusing mainly on mechanics and graphics the stages are slightly more detailed, you can see particles being kicked up as characters are struck or fall to the ground, a treat for all your HD detail junkies. The visual differences are minor when compared to the extensive enhancements of the installments in Namco‘s SoulCalibur series, and you feel the technology is limited to 2006 rather than 2012.

You have your classic arcade mode gives us the simple but effective ‘six fights and a boss’ wham bam thank you maam got my stresses out in a ten minute VF session. The online versus mode provides players with the ability to download and save replays like Tekken, helping to bring the community feel of the co-op into the home. No extra features or unnecessary fluff.

The only low point was they forgot to fix the poor-quality audio in both versions but it shouldn’t put anyone off from picking up this classic fighting game.

Hardcore gamers will leap at the chance of owning this for just 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or £9.99 at PSN or an even sweeter deal is waiting for PlayStation Plus subscribers, who are given the option to download the game for free so long as they continue to renew their subscription when it runs out.

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