Gamedisco Launch Sends People to the Showers!


Upon arrival to the venue, The Book Club, which seemed like a quiet low-key hidden pub, the place was in fact shielding a heard of gaming fanatics in its basement, silencing the cheering and manic dancing.

San Diego DUI lawyerAs the event used to be called Nintendisco, I asked the guys with Nintendisco tee’s about the name change, they explained that they in fact began playing Nintendo based 8 bit tunes but with raging demand for their events, they decided to change the name to make them a bit more approachable to Sony, Sega and Microsoft. They were adamant there was plenty of gaming love for all and no discrimination so the name change was in fact a smooth move.

It’s not the size of San Diego Comic Con or anything, but the venue itself fit the bill, with lightbulbs all over the ceiling, dim lit areas to help focus on the arcade machines, of which many choices were available including Supertoads. There was also  a DJ area where they set up their decks, projectors ready for tournaments (Sonic, Mario Kart, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Crash Bandicoot) and a convenient bar to quench the thirst of victory.

The organiser’s plan is to hold the event every month, keep it free for as long as possible and most importantly promote gaming. In the past gaming was seen as a derogatory past time, something from your childhood. However, with smart phone apps and gaming taken to a new level you would find older and younger generations getting a piece of the gaming action whether they are ‘geeks’ or a ‘grown-up’ professional like a lawyer or a doctor. So rather than sitting at home and game on your own, go out, socialize, compete and rejoice gamerism.

The UK’s number one champion at playing Mario Cart time trials Sami Cetin, (British born with Turkish and Finnish background) was competing in the Mario Kart World Championships in France to attain number two rank in the world. Number one being a French native, currently Cetin is training with a group of other British gamers to battle it in France’s next championship. His niece is also woman’s champ for Super Mario Kart (console: snes) too, Leyla Hasso is merely thirteen years old and holds UK’s number one. Winning clearly runs in this family.

Amongst people exchanging score times and game stats, we could hear Street Fighter remixes playing in the background by Olio(Ate Bit Vomit- and random screams as people were winning random battles.

Overall it is a great night that doesn’t break the bank and if you are skilled you could gain a few games and reputation in the gaming world. Just make sure you bring a spare top because sweat will pour!

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