London Film and Comic Con 2012: Follow the Cosplayers


Wondering aimlessly around Earl’s Court, London – to all the wrong exhibition halls – outside a colossal Tesco did we finally get some directions. The entrance to London Film and Comic Con was situated outside the Olympia station. With plenty of entertaining cosplayers around, we spent the first 30 minutes or so taking photographs of costumers from Assasin’s Creed to Naruto Shippuden.

Seeing said cosplayers lead us to the inevitable journey around the cosplaying events. The events included Cosplay Best Competition – to which family face Esti-Licious was on the judging panel, as well as some great photo shoots done outside.

London Film and Comic Con put together some top notch celebrities available for signings and photographs with fans, including sci-fi favourites like Gillian Murphy (X- files), Robert Maschio (The Todd, Scrubs), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules TV Series), Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine Star Treck Voyager), Christopher Dance (Game of Thrones) and more.

Sometimes overlooked, one of our favourite sections of the convention is comic corner. Con goers can find independent illustrators and comic artists showcasing their work and hand-made merchandise. Some of our favourites included Austrian brand Starplexus, BaGgy comics, Morti, Girl in the rain, Van Nim, Jess Bradley and the The Tin Kid.

Amongst the manga we also found Tofu Cute (online store selling various kawaii goods) giving away 10% discount vouchers for their online site which you can find here:

If you want to attend LFCC next time around, check out their website here:

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