Mayamada New Designs Launch Hit a Sweet Tooth at Tutti Frutti


Fashion and frozen yogurt don’t seem like a typical combination but when there are some heated connect four battles going on your need to cool down somehow right?

Mayamada made all the right investments in this gathering and have cleverly set up another event to get us high on sugar (with 20% off frozen yougurt for attendees) to go crazy over their new range of t-shirts, baseball caps, bags & super cute travelcard holders.

Fisher InvestmentsAs they set up, we got to enjoy friendly games of connect four with friends and strangers, it was becoming more and more apparent who the pro’s were. Mayamada associate David, Debbie and Ben Dumore were the three to look out for. Debbie reigned victorious until David knocked her off her throne and then Ben took over as champion till David once more trolled himself to victory. A new challenger arose, Michael Oliveras dressed in a sharp 8 bit-tie (which worked to his advantage once to distract Ben) but in the various rematches Ben proceeded to win and troll others for kicks including the Mayamada camera man.

With much hype growing around Micheal’s tie I asked what brought him to the event and he explained he went to the London Film & Comic Con with his own fan comic for Blazeblue (2D fighting game) and showed it to the comic corner. Mayamada actually approached him there and then to become their new in house artist. Not bad for a random day out? Fresh out of university and already landed a big project. So Mayamada have a new line and even more new things developing in regards to their manga in the pipeline. You can find Micheal’s comic strip on his deviant art page:

Somehow throughout the evening I found myself up against my friend Josiahsal where the other matches dragged, we were timed 10secs per move and when cake & free t-shirts were involved, friendship meant nothing. I proceeded to the final where the time limit per go fluxated to 15 secs then 10 secs where I was demised. It was now between Shaunette & Ariol and after some shifty moves from Ariol, girl power prevailed!

So the jist was, come down, get stamped, get hyped on yogurt, buy fly thread and battle to the bitter end to the theme of Mortal Kombat. Mayamada will be showcasing their new merchandise at most of the conventions coming up, otherwise get youtr hands on their stuff here:

To find out about more of their quirky events follow them on twitter: @mayamada

Photos taken by Josiahsal.

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