Namco Bandai Summer Showcase 2012: Ni no Kuni Preview


Ni no Kuni (translates to Second Country), is a role-playing game (JRPG), co-developed by Japanese developer Level-5 and the first videogame made by anime company Studio Ghibli (who brought us classics like My Neighbour Totoro, Oscar nominated Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle). Ni no Kuni is to be released on both Nintendo DS and PS3 platforms.

Confirmed for European release in January 2013, Level-5 has confirmed that the Western version of the PS3 game (published by Namco Bandai Games) will be adding English voices and subtitles in French, Italian, German and Spanish with the option of hearing original Japanese audio with choice of subtitles too.

Ni no Kuni revolves around our thirteen-year-old protagonist Oliver, a resident of Motorville, whose mother, Arie, suddenly dies after rescuing him from drowning. Before her mysterious death she gives Oliver a doll who is brought to life from his tears and reveals itself to be a fairy named Drippy. Drippy gives Oliver a book that allows him to use the power of magic and enter the world of “Ni no Kuni,” a reality parallel to his own. In Ni no Kuni, Drippy and Oliver journey in search of his mother.

You play Oliver who battles using a magic book given to him by Drippy. The magic book contains various spells that are activated using drawings with the stylus for the NDS. You can also opt to use another fairy to fight on your behalf.

The 3D graphics bring the Ghibli art to another level where you can almost imagine Drippy jumping out of the screen. A must play for animeGhibli fans and hardcore JRPG players.

For more information, visit the official Ni no Kuni site here:

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