Mayamada Take a Different Approach to Cooking Up Manga


They are back with a new range of t-shirt designs and a new manga campaign on Indiegogo and you can see it here:

Creators of Mayamda are making a 50 page perfect bound book featuring the Samurai Chef which is a cooking competition show on the fantasy television network that is Mayamada. They previously attempted a Kickstarter project but decided to  down scale and do one show at a time.  They’re starting with the fan favourite, Samurai Chef as it was their first character design.

Of course they need your help for this to happen. By donating to the project you will be able to claim one of several rewards or ‘perks’, which includes a signed copy of the book, a manga inspired t-shirt, a badge set and personalised artwork.

This site works differently to Kickstarter in that the money is taken immediately, but refunded if they do not meet our target by the end of the campaign.

So what is Samurai Chef?

It starts out as a simple cooking competition. However, it quickly becomes clear that contestants are not fully prepared for the strict measures of the Samurai Chef…

As their best creations are continuously put to the sword, the contestants decide to team up to create tougher dishes better able stand up to the judging process. Meanwhile, far from the mayamada studio, events are being viewed by some of the world’s most decorated chefs who become intrigued with it all.

A live show is interrupted as the current crop of contestants are sent away by this new breed of challengers eager to test their ‘superior’ skills against the Samurai Chef. And these are no ordinary challengers. They have their own teams, have studied the show and are confident they have what it takes to overcome the strict judging process.

The reason for their confidence? The ability to bring their speciality dishes to life. Literally. With each creation now able to fight back, the chef now has his work cut out for him!

So don’t forget, if you want to help make Samurai Chef a reality, then donate to their campaign here: you can share the campaign on your Facebook or Twitter account.

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    Thanks for the support guys. We just put up a video on the project page that's definitely worth checking out 🙂

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