Creep-show Woody: Invading your Figure Collection


You may have already seen the grimancing Woody from the Toy Story series meme around the internet. ‘Creepy Woody’, is a series of photos featuring a Revoltech Woody action figure posed in erotic, creepy and perverted scenarios.

Revoltech Series No. 10 was so popular that they rereleased the Woody figure this month in Japan. With creepy Woody back on the prowl, no plastic figurine is safe.

Originally 2006, Japanese toy company Kaiyodo produced the Revoltech line of collector-oriented toys that consisted mainly of anime figures. In 2010, Kaiyodo broadened their variety of toys with a new subline called the Sci-Fi Revoltech series. This line focused on iconic characters from Japanese and American film and television series like Mothra, Gamera, the Alien, Jack Skellington and Batman. In March of 2010, Kaiyodo unveiled prototypes for Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody from the Toy Story movies. Like most Revoltech toys, the Woody figures had an alternate faceplate to choose from, aka the grimace or troll face expression.

The toy was released for sale in July of 2010, and photos of Woody performing various suggestive voyeur stares or suggestive poses to other toys. The photos eventually spread to anime, random and videogame boards in 4chan as well. The action figure infiltrated Western countries through import sites like Amiami. I’m not into this sort of genre but I think it’s novel and a fun parody when it’s an iconic character such as Woody doing things he normally would NEVER do. Enjoy the amusing anime virals Woody has made appearances in.



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