Live Lolita Action Filmed for Mini Series ‘Realities of Fantasy’


Francesco filming Memz Chipperfield’s Lolita art installation by the Thames Credit: Fleur Challis Photography

From March 2011 to September 2011 a young film maker by the name of Francesco Calvano began filming Lolita meets & related events around the the UK & in Paris. This filming culminated in his staging of a Lolita live-event & combined meet at his university’s TV studio. This footage is currently being edited into a series of mini programs to be called ‘Realities of Fantasy’.

The programs are a essentially one big pilot episode of a bigger, slicker version Francesco would like to start making next year. ‘Realities of Fantasy’ (RoF for short) is more of a ‘factual entertainment’ program and is not a documentary, as he felt that documentaries on fashion tend to imply that the fashion and followers may be something a little strange that warrant scrutiny, which is not the impression he want to give but instead celebrate this movement.

By making it accessible to those who know little about it, the series will provide lots of useful information and some fun coverage to those who are already Lolitas. Giving it a ‘Top Gear’ vibe with regards to the filming. The shows also feature a stuffed cat called ‘Preston Press Cat’ who has developed quite a following!

Francesco got interested in Lolita because he always liked Victorian fashion and was introduced to J-culture in 2010. Soon after he decided to capture it in on video in more detail then done before. Also, he had designs on becoming a ‘Brolita’, so included some of his own journey into Lolita world from a male perspective which gives it a more unique angle.

Francesco filming Japanese j-pop cellist and singer Kanon Wakeshima in 2011 Credit: Vicki Calvano

His footage is therefore quite guerilla in style, which was quite fun, running around in events and especially around Paris following the Lolitas as they negotiated public transport (metro turn-styles can be quite difficult to fit through when wearing poofy dresses).

It also features a transformation of a Midlands girl into a Lolita, so he introduced her to the community, fixed the makeover (on a vintage barge at the Henley on Thames regatta) with Kyra Kai Xin. Even ended up getting her into the summer HYPER JAPAN fashion show! Other things he shot were an interview with Kanon Wakeshima, Baby Star Shine Bright tea party & the Lolita Convention in Paris, a Lolita art installation by the Thames, numerous interviews with Lolitas, Lolita clothing designers and some of the meets here in the UK. The fashion show from this year’s HYPER JAPAN is also included.

Two Classic Lolitas at the Pollock’s Toy Museum. Credit: Francesco ‘Telegothika’ Calvano

Through this long journey to produce this footage and get it filmed and finally viewed he has meet some amazing people, amongst the FB group Frills and Frolics. The show was filming just before F&F was created in early September. Pixie Late and Kyra wanted to create a nationwide-relevant FB group, to co-ordinate meets and events. Future RoF filming will extensively be promoted by and involve the F&F network, as well the EGL community on Live Journal.

Francesco Calvano’s video of The Lolita Art in The Park installation by Emma Chipperfield:

Production meeting & interviews with Lolitas (such as Pixie Late):

For more information, please visit and join the Frills & Frolics Lolita community on FB:

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