Tekken Tag Tournament 2: A Welcome Fist to the Face


Platforms: Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

Show me the money: £39.85 or ‘We are Tekken’ edition for £59.99

Date out: 14th September 2012

After much touring and previews from my part, finally laid my hands on my own copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2.  It’s been almost three years since the last Tekken game, Tekken 6 and almost a year since Tekken Hybrid which was an revamp of Tekken Tag Tournament in HD, TEKKEN BLOOD VENGEANCE 3D on DVD to watch and a sampler of the now released gem TTT2 to keep us busy until 14th September.

If you haven’t got your hands on it, go pre order it now! Why? With the added bonus of instant downloadable content/characters (DLC) and is that hasn’t made your fingers twitch then the ‘We are Tekken’ edition will – including the Original Sound Track, Remix Sound Track, “The Art of Tekken” artbook,  Behind the Scenes Video “Tekken Takes Tokyo” and Exclusive Metal Case with alternate Tekken art!

Now on to the game, we have the basic arcade and VS modes with the added bonus on 2-on-2, 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 fights depending on how cocky or lazy you are feeling and when you’re playing online it all about showing off.

Speaking of showing off, customisation has been taken to a new level, with not just equipping outfits and accessories, you can now carry usable weapons in your hands or on your person to unleash as Alisa kindly demonstrated with a grenade to my face.  Even such cute things as Yoshimitsu holding flowers, it doesn’t all have to be fists and screams.

With fifty playable characters to choose from the rooster, you can have endless tag team options. Bringing back past characters such as Jun, Michelle, Kunimitsu, Forest Law and new ones such as thin Bob, Angel, young snazzy Heitachi. With also 10 slots for each character you can customise as well as the standard 2 or 3 outfits you begin with. So whether you want to use a preset special outfit such as Anna’s William’s sexy tentacle outfit or buy an Alice in Wonderland maid outfit for Lilli the choice is yours perhaps this game is more aimed to the female beat ‘em up audience? All I know is that there are a lot of guys out there itching to customise their players to look like other guest characters. An old favourite of mine was making Steve look like the joke, Dragonov as the Crow and Lee as Tuxedo Mask.

Lee Chaolan being an all time favourite as the annoying underdog, it was great to see ‘Storymode’ evolve into ‘Fight Lab’ where Violet (Lee’s fabulous alter ego) takes charge of teaching combot (you) how to fight and you get to customise his appearance and moves.

The real time environmental effects blew me away, I always lamented how the characters in Tekken 6 never got stained in the tomato stage but now your characters actually show water and dirt effect making it that much more realistic. Which can be backgrounds based in the UK to Japan or in Snoop Dogg’s bonus pimp round.

True to Tekken innovation, the moves have slightly changed again for most characters including the new Tag attacks and throws. Grappling hasn’t looked this good with such high definition on the characters looking sleeker especially on the Xbox 360 version, being a PS3 fan I was pleasantly surprised that combos felt more fluid on the xbox controller, or else my hands were numb from all non-stop fighting.

If your biggest selling on point on a game is the online facilities, you will be pleased with the ‘World Tekken federation’ after playing Tekken 6, in the last few weeks hyping myself of TTT2 I noticed a considerable decline on the online co-op on PSN and trust me the people are wait for the WTF where you have your own online community to keep track with new friends and old, as well as your statistics and leader board. Create your own teams with other players and enter future coming competitions. This isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle.

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