Anime Picks Birthday Special: Famous Animated Pandas

Since all the contributors are celebrating the upcoming Anime Picks birthday and my main pressie isn’t ready, I thought I’d enlighten you all with some interesting panda celebrities in the anime/manga/video game world or fashion design.

Video game Pandas



Panda from Tekken series Companion of Ling Xiaoyu

Of course as a huge Tekken fan i’m going to start off with a favourite of mine; Panda from the beat ‘em up game Tekken. Expert in the same fighting style as fellow bear Kuma. She is generally a second costume for Kuma until the new recent Tekken Tag Tournament 2 where she finally gets her own slot. Panda made her debut in Tekken 3.


Panda King from Sly Cooper

Born poor on the streets of China, Panda King was fascinated by the fireworks set off by rich noblemen every New Year. After spending a decade learning the art, Panda King attempted to offer his fireworks to the noblemen. However the Noblemen chased him away as he looked a filthy sight. Enraged, Panda King turned to a life of crime and became the Fiendish Five’s demolitions expert. Later to become part of the Cooper gang in Sly 3.

Pandas in Manga and Comics



Genma Saotome’s alter ego Panda from Ranma ½

Genma Saotome is Ranma’s father and the sensei of the Musabetsu Kakutō Saotome Ryū (“Indiscriminate Grappling Saotome Style”). During his training with Ranma, Genma fell into a cursed spring, which gave him a giant panda curse. Unlike Ranma, he doesn’t have much trouble with his curse, especially because he can get away from his problems in his panda form. He hides from his wife by staying as a panda while she is around, and she simply believes Ranko, Ranma’s female form, has “Mr. Panda” as a pet.

Lord Noriyuki from Usagi Yojimbo

Child lord of White Heron Castle, Lord Noriyuki became the head of his clan after the recent death of his father. Lord Hikiji has designs on the Geishu land and has been behind several assassination attempts, all of which have so far failed. Most have been foiled directly or indirectly by Usagi, who is a valued friend and ally of the young lord.

Takemitsu SeiRyu from Extinctioners

Takemitsu SeiRyu, head of the research company that backed the development of the Andorozon technology in Napaj. He’s the ultimate spoiled brat who inherited his company from his father and had to work for very little in his life.

Dan Ramón from mayamada comics

Thirty seven year old Purchasing assistant, Dan,  is a hard working family man who is motivated by his wife and two adorable girls. In order to maintain their decent quality of life in the suburbs, he makes a daily two hour commute into the big city and works longs hours to the detriment of his family relations. He therefore gets pretty stressed but this is further compounded by his silent nature making him somewhat passive aggressive.

Random Pandas

Tarepanda is a cute panda character owned by the company San-X The term ‘tare’ means ‘lazy’ or ‘droopy’ in Japanese. Basically all Tarepanda does is rolling over, with a record speed of 2.75 m/h. Tarepanda’s favorite food is mochi. Tarepanda peaked popularity in February 1998, San-X launched Tarepanda erasers and letter pads, which proved enormous hits. San-X believed these products were successful because they were released shortly after the Asian financial crisis of autumn 1997, a time when many people in Japan were facing layoffs and, consequently, were sympathetic toward a ‘worn-out’ panda character. He was rated one of the most popular characters in Japan for being so ‘Kawaii’ (cute in Japanese.)

Ken & Merry from Super Lovers House

Super Lover’s is in fact a Harajuku fashion brand derived from the club culture of London, established in 1988. I bought a bag from Camden in the 90’s and had no idea of it being a merchandise for a music label. Based on the subculture of music and arts in the 1980s, the brand is very neon coloured coloured and uniquely designed. Proving to be so popular all over Tokyo that they are frequently seen in Japanese fashion magazine KERA, represented by super pop art-ish panda mascots Ken & Merry.

Sexual Harassment Panda, South Park

‘Sexual Harassment Panda’ is the 37th episode of Comedy Central’s animated series South Park. It originally aired on July 7, 1999. This was the first episode to air after the release of the theatrical film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. According to the DVD commentary of this episode, Trey and Matt were so exhausted and hungover from doing the South Park movie that they have no memory of making this episode. SH Panda travels around to schools teaching kids to voice themselves against…abusive people…need I say more?

Newest celebrity:

Kung fu Panda aka Po from the hit DreamWorks pictures animated movie. Po is an energetic yet immature, accident-prone giant panda. He is also a die-hard fan of the Furious Five (a bunch of martial arts animals) adopted son of Mr. Ping, in whose noodle shop they are co-workers. In the end, he eventually finds his true identity and becomes the Dragon Warrior.

Hope you have enjoyed remembering some classic pandas and I have added a few more to your list, are there any I have missed out? Give us a shout ^^

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