A homemage to website Animepicks :)

Me as Anna-May (Mascot from animepicks.co.uk)

You guys may have picked up that I now regularly contribute articles to the website www.animepicks.co.uk before it was exclusively for cosplay and fashion features but I have gradually branched out to other sections such as games, figures and most importantly events this is due to my intrest in J-culture and love the website – many thanks to Gina the website creator for giving me a chance to contribute. Happy 2nd birthday Animepicks – check out my photoshoot dressed up as animepicks mascot – Anna May 🙂

My full adventures and more photos are here:


and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of my mates:

Costume made by Esti-Licious (siting right in the photo)- http://www.fashionvscostume.co.uk/
Photography by Anty Quinn (sitting left in photo)
Camera lent by Josiahsal – http://josiahsal.wordpress.com/

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