Happy Birthday Anime Picks: AnnaMay Cosplay

Cosplay is at it’s best when it’s handmade and got a little bit of yourself embedded in the threads, lucky for me I have a great seamstress ready for the challenge and an awesome photographer to help me in my mission to hit China Town as our mascot, AnnaMay!

With the expert costume maker Esti-Lcious offering her services, she was a lifesaver as this outfit can’t be bought online and pairing up with my own Pri-mani buckle boots, Panda hat and Esti’s wig I was good to go. Queue budding Photographer and anime fan Anty Quinn behind the lens, we stormed Leicester square! (For details on commissioning costumes/Cosplay outfits contact Esti via her website: http://www.fashionvscostume.co.uk/)

First point of call for any anime fan is the Purikura booth and I already knew of one. I paid my friends Kevin and Sia at London Photo Sticker club on the first floor of the China Town mall (57 Charring Cross road). http://www.facebook.com/photostickerclub

No birthday is complete without presents and cake and I had an abundance of both! After lots of tom foolery, I discovered the East-West Indonesian mini market next to the Purikura section and explored and even made myself home. Great food and great atmosphere go have a look yourself, open Monday-Sunday 12noon-11pm.


Time to shop and I had a good wonder around the Qu’tse stall on the ground floor where the lovely Buji has all the latest Hello Kitty gear straight from Japan, I’m talking demon Kuromi and other rare characters, for more info on products have a look on her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Qutse/149006545159757?ref=ts

After some Panda loving at Mr Panda, we wondered in China Town came across an odd lady dressed as a Geisha sawing wood, I knew there was more to her than the ‘crazy lady’ stall holders assumed she was and asked her the bold question of “what cha doing?”. The lady explained she was cutting wood for a sculpture to be placed near the Pagoda, and indeed there was a yellow box for some sort of display, it’s amazing how crazy rumors start. Something to look out for next time you’re in the area folks.

Special Thanks:


Esti-Licious: for bringing AnnaMay to life

Anty Quinn: capturing AnnaMay’s best sides behind the lens

Josiahsal: for lending us his amazing camera (Sony Nex-7)

London Photo Sticker Club, East West Oriental & Qu’tse: for letting us use your facilities

Are there any other destinations you’d like to see AnnaMay visit? Drop us a comment.

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