V&A Lates: Loli-pop Mash Up


Following up the V&A exclusive Lolita exhibit, they hosted a late night event dedicated to Lolitas and even the staff were wearing Lolita outfits by Angelic Pretty! Filled with all sort of events here is the programme:

WORKSHOPS to watch and participate

  • 5-stop Lolita Photo-op trail
  • Wig Bar
  • Nail Bar
  • Shu Uemura eyes and lips bar
  • Jewellery Making with Meow Box (need tickets)
  • Kawaii Illustration workshop with Sonia Leong
  • Purikamera photo booth by London Photo Sticker Club


  • Philomena Keet
  • Kitty and the Bulldog Curator Rupert Faulkner on the exhibit
  • Q&A session with Philomena Keet, Pat Lyttle, Harriet Hall, Masami Yamada, Ada Mau and V&A Senior Curator Rupert Faulkner

Films showing in V&A

  • Kamikaze Girls (103 mins)
  • British Lolita Culture in Francesco Calvano’s film made for V&A: ‘Realities of Fantasy’


  • DJ set Roustabouts
  • DJ set Tom Smith
  • How to Dress up in a Kimono with Mamechiyo Modern
  • Grand Alice Finale

It was like walking into a scene from Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland, seeing Lolita’s walk in from the subway with police escorts, then walking through the general public looking for the main Lolita area. There was none, it was scattered, well everywhere!

The first sign of Lolita activity was a tuft of Lollipops past the gift shop, of course it was a photo bomb opportunity and here I found Scarlett Hyper Japan 2012 Kawaii star. I had a brief chat and since then, so many doors have opened, after her trip to Japan she got approached by a modelling company and is deep rooted into the Lolita community.

After obtaining a programme at the main information desk, past the DJ set Roustabouts (Loving their steam punk-lolita style!) Running around was a challenge with the huge turnout of people, 80% Lolita/cosplaying which was great to see. In all the cuteness I found Esti in the courtyard in a classy Bunny Lolita getup, we walked through the courtyard where people mingled took photos, listened to some DJ sets and also queued up for the She Uemera Makeover. A lot of the crowd were random bystanders checking out the commotion which is brilliant to see all the interest and hopefully we have converted a few people to the Loli side.

We had in the Sackler centre Purikura (sticker photobooth run by my friends Kevin & Sia, visit them in China town on the 2nd floor of the China Town market Mall) Check out their FB page: http://www.facebook.com/photostickerclub

Also nearby was the wig bar, Jewellery making and to the right, queuing almost down to the cafeteria. Past there, Sonia Leong was giving her talk on manga. Sonia is a professional comic artist and illustrator specialising in anime/manga, her work was  also featured on the set of Channel 4’s popular sitcom The IT Crowd! A Tip from Sonia: Can’t go wrong with hair, the more the better.

Download her worksheet from her blog here: http://sonia-leong.tumblr.com/post/30648599774/hello-everyone-at-the-v-a-museum-friday-late

Talks were being held in the Lydia & Manfred Gorvey lecture theatre; we’re we watched the Kimono demonstration by Mamechiyo of Mamechiyo Modern, Q&A on Japnese subcultures, Kitty & Bulldog Gallery talks and the highly anticipated movie commissioned by the V&A, Realities of Fantasy by brolita, Francesco ‘Telegothika’ Calvano capturing Lolitas in Action and a sequence on Scarlett experience winning Hyper Japan’s Kawaii Star 2012.

See the trailer video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_k9UR6Tzq4&feature=g-upl

We met lots of familiar faces around, it was a nice community to enter into but we need more time to find out the ins & outs of the Lolita lifestyle. Francesco even arranged for a late night Loli-dinner afterwards where Dorian the Press cat and an entourage of Lolita’s followed.

After a mountain of photos and chow mein, I went home very satisfied and it was all for free! Know of any more Lolita events you’d like me to report on? Give me a shout at: aisha@animepicks.co.uk

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