WOTA Night! Living up to the Hype


With a month of hype surrounding the return of the WOTA clubbing event, I went with a open mind and fully charged camera for come what may and I really didn’t know what to expect apart from the same lovely venue used for Japan Underground. With new management in charge, Chris Zwierzynski took over and made sure these events appealed to the same crowd if not extending to others such as the new MOE (Maid’s of England) fan-base.

Free glow sticks on entry and my cat hood on, there were a mixed crowd of K-pop fans, bowlers in the far end, pool players and cosplayers mingling, with a nice mix of laid back J-pop tunes. The atmosphere was more aimed at people having a laugh and chatting with intervals of intense performances from MOE, Butler Kohei and DotDot3.

With ponpon tributes by the maids and a saucier variety for DotDot3 and a great solo dance by Butler Kohei to Bigbang’s ‘fantastic baby’, everyone was either papping away with the cameras or dancing along. Since the same circle of people revolve in these anime communities I even came across some random friends enjoying the night.

The best part was when everyone from each troupe came on stage to perform an electric over of ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY, never have I seen a crowd of shy anime fans hit the roof with such energy!

[Maids of England]


A special shout out to people enquiring where I purchased my tights from, this beautiful tie dye, soft as silk tights can be got from this website: http://www.facebook.com/Dollicon Just PM the page or leave a wall post for details, comes in blue and yellow too.

Photographs by Josiahsal.

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