M&M Games Local Anime Meet-Up


If you haven’t heard of M&M Games, I met the manager at the Bad Apple Cosplay event in Croyden recently. It’s an independent games shop in Croyden (6 the arcade 32 -34 high st , cr01yb London), run by Daniel Grossett ex Sega PR officer, now gaming expert collaborating with Demetrius Krishnan events & VIP manager and Eric, Bee, Steven & Alison.

For the first ‘tester’ event, they couldn’t have held it in a better venue really, Bar Sport’s walls were littered with LCDs – a gamers paradise. Comfy sofas for you to watch anime, play card games and some good old fashioned beat ‘em ups and with food and drinks just behind you.

So many people turned up that were simply the friends of the M&M shop and loyal card game followers who attend the M&M games weekly. These card games events range from Yu-Gi-Oh, Vangaurd, or Magic the Gathering. For more info check their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/mamgames

It’s great to see such a strong community coming together and it’s convenient for people who can afford to go to London events or up North. We also had had a celebrity amongst us armed with an arcade stick; I knew this guy meant business. After watching Andrew Brown annihilate many button bashers at Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I caught him off guard with my trash can move using Zafina, whilst in shock I asked him about his gaming skills.

Basically Andrew or other hardcore gamers may know his as ‘rezurekdead’. He had made gaming part of his lifestyle since 2004 , where he seriously attended tournaments and has even faced the likes of Ryan Heart and Zack Bennett. His prime being tournaments for Tekken 5 the real boom era for his as well as Streetfighter 3, 4,  and Marvel vs Capcom.

I asked him why Streetfighter vs. Tekken wasn’t on his list and after a pause he went into the glitches of the game and how easy it was to button bash to victory which put off new gamers and just felt not a lot of skill is involved (that’s exactly how I feel and that Anna Williams wasn’t in it!).

His parents weren’t supportive of his hobby but occasionally his mum would give him money to attend and now wishes him and his brother luck. If it’s pressuring to win, try playing against a sibling in battle.

Attending the tourneys (slang for tournaments) was not just about winning (bonus if you did). You catch up with tourney crowd, be open minded, don’t just learn your characters strengths and weaknesses, learn your opponents too – no one knows who’s an expert at what. He’s even seen some people focus by putting their headphones on during battles.

Andrew attended this event because he lived locally and shopped regulary at M&M games  and Friend feels this kind of event is encouraging for people to hang out, make friends and it’s a rare set up for gamer unless you have money to spend at Gamerbase, Trocadero, for example.

Search for Andrew on Facebook or PSN/Xbox live for TTT2  matches or for tips: Xbox/PSN – rezurekdead

Speaking of being open minded for mystery challengers, one such entered Anime Central, using a not so common character because of the difficulty, he threw out 9 hit combos at the crowd, calling for a grudge match against Andrew. Their moves were on par, the Tekken hype consumed the crowd and more and more people circled. Nash Sunder took Andrew by surprised but with a gruesome 3 out of 5 matches we witnessed a win from the TTT2 Stafford tourney champion Nash.

Check out our video on one of the most entertaining matches of the night:

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