Bring on the gaming: Eurogamer 2012 – Friday


Another day another game portrait, Friday’s piece was in honour of Sonic at the Samsung stall and if you waited around patiently you could even get a photo with the blig blue fella. Friday was also dedicated to queuing for the Wii U and doing some serious research on the console. Is it worth the hype? If you’re a Nintendo fan then this question is irrelevant. With people spending up to two hours inside this mini world, playing games like Super Mario U and Rayman Legends.

Amongst that, what really caught my eye were a bunch of people I thought were dancing. They were in fact casting spells in Fable 4 on the Xbox connect, now this was a workout and a barrel of laughs all in one.

Also anyone who attended could not have missed the ‘Carmaggedon’ truck in all it’s glory, the developers were so hardcore a few of them even dressed up in this dreary weather promoting the game!

The Games Indie section really shone with an array of great games like:

When Shifu, master of ancient martial art technique Buddha Finger, contacts you and reveals you were separated at birth from your twin brother Logan, an Interpol agent tracking down shadowy nemesis ‘The Man’, you’re about to be unwittingly embroiled in a thrill filled Hong Kong adventure.   Part rhythm action and part beat ‘em up, Buddha Finger challenges your reflexes and skills as you use a secret kung fu pressure point attack to overcome a phalanx of enemies and bosses.

Pick up ‘n’ play gameplay with a deep scoring system that rewards skilled players, this game is suitable for everyone – if you can count to 10, you can play this game on the iphone or ipad, added trivia is that this game was made by a team of creative house mums.

  • IsoChronous (team-iso)

If you like your co-op games with action-strategy and time-layering you’ll love this gem. You command a unit to enter the battlefield then rewind time and try to do something to anticipate the other guy’s anticipation. The winner is the person whose king has the most health despite all the conflicting timelines.

Don’t Starve mades by creators of Eets, Shank, & Mark of the Ninja, has a similar style to it’s predecessors. It’s a survival sim set in the woods where you have to live off the land, build and use tools to feed and shelter yourself against the elements and so forth.

(Don’t Starve is available as an early-access beta at the game’s official site and there’s a time-limited Chrome demo too)

Amongst all these Indie surprises I couldn’t help but watch some people play as a Pomeranian taking on a pack of hyenas…only Sega could come up with a game like ‘Tokyo Jungle’. Humans are extinct and it’s the animals that rule the world now, choose for a variety of animals ie cat, dog, pig, chick (if your hard core) and travel through the city surviving on whatever food or prey you find and equip accessories for power ups, stealth your way outta beating and even fall in love.

So far so good but there is so much more to find on Saturday! Read our post on the Thursday here:


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