Bring on the gaming: Eurogamer 2012 – Saturday


I was whole heartedly pleased to find UK charity SpecialEffect at Eurogamer again, they gained lots of interest for their work dedicated to making gaming accessible to people struggling with sickness or disabilities. They develop and create special software, modified controllers and eye tracking technology. Even if you’re able now, who’s to know what can happen in the future but thanks to SpecialEffect you will still be able to enjoy gaming.

“Rupert, via his support of the charity at the Eurogamer Expo, has been instrumental in gamers across the UK learning about and supporting our work.”

The software they brought for gamers to try were headsets, where you could control the cursors with your eyes and a multi-facetted joystick where you can use any part of your body to press the many buttons. For more information about their work go to:

Sadly you had to sign up asap at the Namco/Bandai booth for places to participate in the Tekken/Streetfighter tourneys and I was too late, but all was not lost and I took the time to sit at the main stage near the Konami stalls to watch some of the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 qualifying matches instead (finals to be helad at MCM Expo London Oct 2012). Through watching this I watched a jaw dropping a match between Europe’s best Yoshmitsu players vs Liono (who I met at a TTT2 preview this year). Tension was rising but Yoshi’s sword was no match for Marshall Law’s kicks.

The amount of bustle was amasing and if you played your cards right you could walk into free goodies! If it wasn’t Pres Evo throwing out t-shirts, it was Samsung giving out wristbands or Konami chicks giving watches to Resi fans (Resident Evil) but only after you proved your dedication.

If you also played demos for a moderate length of time you would get extra goodies for being a loyal fan – Rocksmith if you were too skilled for beginning you would get extra badges and even money off voucher for the game too! Not bad huh? Konami also had a challenge for Metal Gear Solid finish the intro in 20 minutes and get an exclusive Snake hologram poster.

Best freebie of Eurogamer went to the Playstation Access area: if you ‘liked’their FB, they gave you a 3 months free subscription to Playstation Plus!

Eurogamer had a fairly different crowd compared to other expos I have attended, if you are a hardcore gamer or are interested in making your own games, this expo is for you and I would recommend you pre-book your tickets for next year, as they sold out pretty quick this time.

Bonus Material: Hideo Kojima was walking around with his enterouge, were you lucky enough to see the creator of Metal Gear Solid ?

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