Entertainment & Media Show 2012 Report


Initially upon hearing the name of the show I assumed it was a business conference but I was mistaken. Indeed EMS was simply Collectormania but with a new name! It was the same venue of London Film & Comic Con but with a slightly different audience.

I was pleased to see familar faces like Kelsey from Kimono Time and the Maid dance troop featuring Finny Attridge and Maid Momoko. Amongst the cosplay rush, me and fellow cosplayer Estilicious got enticed to join the Cosplay competition with a few familiar faces – cosplay winners from last year the Barbie princess duo, Declan aka Cloud and Tam Samuel aka Bane both from Bad Apple Croyden.

Today was not just about the great cosplay, some great celebrities attended to do signings and photos. Here are just a few: Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek), Dean Cain (New Adventures of Superman), Steven Berkoff (Borgias, Dr Who, Octopussy), Joss Ackland (Lethal Weapon 2), Christopher Heyerdahl (True Blood, Twilight, Stargate, Sanctuary), Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street), Vic Mignogna (Edward from Full Metal Alchemist voice actor) and the whole main cast from Red Dwarf.

I bumped into Pete Winner from Big Brother who was attending specially to see Robert Englund and get a signed photo with him. When I asked if Pete was doing a signing he laughed and said he’s come for fun and loved these kind of conventions.

Also you had a rare opportunity to listen to Vic Mignogna talk about voice acting, his roles and even his own geekiness on his Star Wars fan shows, it’s great to have the chance to be close to such inspiring people like Vic.

Whilst looking around the prints and comic section, I came across a dude representing hungdrawn bespoke vinyl art. He had some great prints on show which included a beautiful Spiderman and Darlick in a pop art poster style. They do a range of painting and vinyl decorating as well as there prints, definitely worth checking out and you bet there will be a feature on them here in the future.

For more information on the Entertainment & Media Show, visit their site: http://entertainmentmediashow.com/

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