Trendy Shirt Collar Tutorial by Estilicious


We all know how expensive it is to maintain ones style and follow the latest trends. From Hyper Japan 2011 the boom of the delectable collars have popped up and now hit the high streets in Primark, H&M and even Topshop! Get your own cheap couture yourself by recycling some of dad’s old shirts – with his permission of course! Esti takes us through the steps with helpful pictures below:

Shirt collars are totally in the season. They are the perfect statement piece; they can really add a little extra to any outfit. Here’s one I made to match my lolita bunny ears.

This project is so simple that I wasn’t sure on calling it a tutorial; yes you’ve guessed it! Just nick your dad/bf old shirt and follow these simple steps.

First you’ll need any old shirt that has a collar.


Then with a seam ripper unstitch the collar from the shirt.


Lastly make sure all of the raw edges are tucked inside and then stitch over the seams.


Now your collar is ready for decorating.


You could wear it plain and simple as it is or decorate it in many different ways. There are lots of decoration techniques that could be used such as changing the button on the collar, embroidery, painting, beading and many more techniques.

For more patterns go to Esti’s website:

Or if your not too steady on the sewing machine, buy one of Esti’s creations from her etsy shop:

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