Gamerdisco With a Hint of IGN & Japan Underground


Another great Gamerdisco event ensues, with excited merry people outside the book shop venue discussing favorite characters and music mixes. Don’t know what Gamerdisco is? It’s basically a gaming clubnight filled with dancing, music and of course, gaming.

It was an added DJ bonus to have Tom the lead DJ and organizer of Japan Underground guest Djing at this Gamerdisco, with some 8 bit favourites and even threw some Ponpon in for good measure to help diffuse tensions at the tournaments.

We had a representative from IGN commentating for the Streetfighter 2 tournament and we had the likes of Bro duo Rowan Sam, Damian Sam, Otta, R Dog, Ray Yau and even guest appearance from Team GB for Mario Cart and Sami Cetin playing.

Sadly all the contenders were knocked down to the deadly Ray and Silent Sami – the crowd were shouting (mainly coz Ray was getting us drinks if he won) but only was to win and despite the two keeping straight poker faces, Sami won overall. 2nd place prizes for a Steam code for Jet Set Radio which wasn’t too bad a prize at all! Congrats go to all the people who took part.

It was a shame for the lack of female players. Bring Tekken Tag Tournamet Two and I’ll be showing you who’s boss. Other playable games around the venue were: Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter 2 and All-Stars Battle Royale.

For more info on Gamerdisco visit their website here: and Facebook page here:, follow them on Twitter with: @nintendisco

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