Mayamada: Anime Showtime 3

SamuraiChefVol1NEO (2)So to quench the Mayamada’s fan base’s thirst, they have set up their third Anime Showtime whilst the Cosplay Dodgeball tournament is in the works for next year.

The lovely Mayamada team have been turning up at all the recent conventions such as LFCC, Animecon, MCM Expo and Hyper Japan selling their new range of merchandise, the stylish slap back caps, tee shirt designs and plugging the release of there new graphic novel.

On the 25th December the released a 17 page preview of their new book ‘Samurai Chef’ to read online, so please bookmark the page to get some great manga reading over the xmas holidays.

After the success of their April fools showing of Steam Boy they came back with an 80’s classic Castle of Cagliostro featuring the animation of Studio Ghibli.

As per Mayamada tradition, the first 30 received free popcorn and a raffle ticket, the winning ticket entitled people to the Blu-ray edition of the movie itself. Also in the spirit of Christmas they handed out some limited edition Mayamada t-shirts (mens and ladies fitted).

I’ve been to screenings at the Roxy Bar before and it really is an exclusive atmosphere with a living room comfort beside a beautifully arranged bar and great graffiti on the wall, my personal favourite is the toilet art, featuring the multi tonal tigers. Also your in the heart of London, an easy venue to get to and back.

To obtain a smile and a great time go to the next Mayamada unique event and the Cosplay Dodegball tournament, for more info read their blog:

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