Mayamada’s Frozen Yogurt Flavour-face off begins!



Mayamada’s next event is a frozen yogurt party. Much like their previous event, you will be treated to giant jenga, gaming and prizes. Along with this, Mayamada are hosting their popup shop which will have their latest clothing and merchandise for sale. Find out more about the event here:

For this event, Mayamada are collaborating with Tutti Frutti (the venu) to offer a new flavour for one day only. To decide this flavour, the guys at Mayamada are doing a face off with a variety of different flavours.

So, the voting is now ready. In the first round is Pistachio & Honey VS Almond & Caramel. Make your choice here:

To recaps the rules…

  • There are 8 different flavour combinations to choose from.
  • They’ll be four 1-on-1 rounds on our Facebook page that you can vote on each time.
  • The 4 flavours selected in each round will then be up for one last group vote to pick the single flavour that will be at the event.
  • The next face off will be on Sunday 17th March


Not only will Mayamada have the serious business of Mario Kart and Fruit Ninja tournaments, but other titles including music rhythm game Beat the Beat and all-star fighter Super Smash Bros Brawl will be playable during the day. Great prizes will be up for grabs including Mayamada t-shirts, caps and the new Samurai Chef comic book.

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