Butlers of Tea Prince Welcome You to the Hanami Event


After a very successful first café (The Secret Garden Event), which was in collaboration with Frills and Frolics, MADD – Mango themed Patisserie and WOTA London, Tea Prince is now ready to serve once more.

In Sept 2012, their founders went to Japan to check out theButler cafes of Otome Road. After the great service they received, founder Junko said, “I want this experience closer to home, wouldn’t it be great to have a butler cafe full of cute guys that treat me like a princess in London?”

And thus, after doing some market research, they managed to develop an angle that worked to change the focus from cute kawaii, to regal peerage, and that would work with European mentality of Japanese butler cafes.

The different between other cafes and Tea Prince would be the diversity of the butlers and the elegant presence the butlers create in the space. At the last event, a customer commented that the cafe reminded them of the anime Ouran High School Host Club and Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Ouran for the character types, and Black Butler for the elegance.

The concept is inspired and driven by the notion of  a Lord and Lady being welcomed home. This event also marks the initiation of Butler Masaki. He is small and child-like but stubborn, kind of the cute little brother character.

Serving Cast:

Butler Kuroi

Butler Shen

Butler Masaki

Butler Kouhei

The Cafe will be host in MADD, a delicious patisserie restaurant located in Soho. ToPurchase tickets click on the link before for time slots & different packages:


Ticket Types:

Early Raven ticket. 1 free Chekki and 1 free lucky dip prize!! **Offer Ends 10/3

Lady Standard Entry ticket. includes 1 free Chekki

My Princess ticket.  includes 1 Mystic Waltz dance w/ Butler of your choice, 1 confession letter from a Butler of your choice and 1 free Chekki.

My Princess Group Ticket  (max 4 people). includes 2 Mystic Waltz dance w/ Butler of your choice, 2 free Chekkis with two Butlers (harem shot), and free pictures of Butler Masaki (unaware!!)

Group Ticket (max 4 people). includes 2 free Chekkis with two Butlers (harem shot).

Please note: Lords and Ladies who purchase the ‘My Princess’ ticket: whom would also prefer a confession letter from a maid – please after purchase, email which serving maid you would prefer: Maid Usagi or Maid Miyuu.

Important notice **

Please PM TeaPrince fb OR send a email below after you have purchased your ticket, indicating which slot you would prefer to attend.


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