360 Gaming Hits Balham


Trailing through the never ending pits of the internet, my friend showed me a facebook event page for 360gaminguk.com where they held their own tournament and ranks. This particular one was focused on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 so I had to check it out.

This event was completely independent of any endorsement and was held in a intimate venue in Balham, where there was plenty of gaming pods to play on and move along in uniform form to the next round. There were also a few casual gaming consoles for people who didn’t want to compete, relax or practise combos.

A regular at the 360 events, and one of the top Tekken players Strider, enforced the notion of 360 gaming’s community as a family. They encourage people as young as 15 to play and aspire to be as good as players like Asim. You really could feel the friendship between all the players, everyone knew each other by alias or real name.

Again there was a lack of female players, but the atmosphere was so welcoming that I encourage the ladies to come on down! A lot of players were teachers, others new combos and swapped psns. The overall winner of the night was King Jae who true to his hat brought some swag.

They will be hosting more events for TTT2, King of Fighters, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, so please follow them on Facebook for regular event updates. The next big event is April 7th loaded with TTT2, KOF13, UMVC3, VF5 and a spectacular 5v5 Team Battle exhibition.


About the founders of 360 Gaming:

360 gaming started their company when Joseph Nwasokwa was sitting down with a colleague Sunny Madair, deliberating was there actually a gaming venue held out there, as this was a passion they both shared. After some thought was given, there was not at the time anything prominent (except for Neo empire, however they were only focused on beat em ups) out there 3 years ago that confirmed there vision.

Davina came and made the dream a reality and be proactive in finding a way to make this idea possible logistics of 360gaminguk.

Ever since they have been committed to the idea and dedicated to providing a gaming experience for the gaming community, to provide a social event that anyone and everyone could compete in. It has taken many man hours and dedication to provide such an atmosphere, they are very diplomatic in their approach and pride themselves on a teamwork.

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