Second Tea Prince Butler Cafe Faceed Snow in!

butlers and maids

Despite hail, snow and chilly winds, The Tea Prince Butler cafe was open to serve all Lords and Ladies who wanted to drop by or reserved a table.

It was delightful to finally experience a Butler cafe and to see the unique venue ‘MADD’ which has been used for pervious Maid’s of England (MOE), Butler and Gaming event Loading Soho. From the entrance we were greeted by a Maid who explained all the rules – do not touch or hug the maids/butlers! Then with a ring of her bell we became ladies and entered the cafe.

butler kuroi

Prior to coming, you would be given a choice of Butlers to choose from, we were handed an album of their photos and names: Butler Kohei, Shen, Kuroi and Masaki. Regulars know the butlers well so people would have their favourites to converse and play games with.

After picking the Butler of your choice, you are seated and handed the menus to choice different packages of food, Chekkie & waltz combos. Chekkie are Polaroid photos you take with a butler of your choice or Harem shot with two Butlers or maid. Waltzing was sampling choosing a butler to dance with and if you don’t know how to dance they will lead you.

An interesting extra was to purchase a ‘confession letter’ where you choice a Butler and they write something to you – as much as I probed into the subject everyone was hush hush! They would write it for you specifically there and then so it made the experience that much more personal.

jenga with butler kuroi (2)

In between waiting for your food and drinks you were also entertained by the Butlers playing random games like Jenga, cards, snapping crocodile and with balloon animals.

Butler Masaki brought the snapping crocodile game to the table which we played and no one got bit. Whilst Jenga got heated with Butler Kuroi as he did not like losing, so when the Jenga pieces went falling in to his lap, he was most pleased with his victory. It was intresting how each Butler had a distinctive personality.

butler masaki

New addition to the family Butler Masaki awed us with his rattle snake and worm balloons whereas Butler Kuroi dog Derpmina became a center piece for the VIP table.

Half way through the slot, Butler Kohei did a dance routine, even all bunged up he did a great performance for the Lords and ladies to then waltz. Favourite waltzer by ladies (and lords) for Pretty boy Butler Shen.

chocolate truffle

A competition announced on their event page, whoever did the best fan art of the butlers got a free dessert; the skill out there was amazing. Not to mention the dessert. I was fortunate to choose the Dark and white chocolate truffle which simply melted in my mouth, all desserts were made in MADD premises and were of high quality. Butlers even helped prepare hot drinks at the table.

An affordable and enjoyable event, where even if you attended on your own – you will recognise other people from the MOE community. Even bumped into WOTA organiser Chris on our way out.

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