Kaori Onishi: Master of Watercolour


At one of the many conventions in the UK, we came across an unusul style of manga done in watercolour. Japanese artist Kaori Onishi studied Animation in U.K. and is a freelance 2D animator, and illustrator.

Usually working on ‘traditional’ skills, she loves to draw things on paper with watercolor, ink and pencil. She has worked as director, animator, animation-art worker and illustrator for many projects. She has even been nominated for a British Animation Award, for her graduation film. Now that’s quite an achievement before becoming an established artist! Drawing since childhood, she grew up surrounded by many comics, books, and animations, so this style of drawing became second nature to her.

She started exhibiting her artwork and comics at conventions, such as MCM and super comic conventions in 2010. Her favourite type of anime are Studio Ghibli movies and works produced by comic authors Yuki Kodama and Chika Umino, these works inspired her tremendously.

As as animator and illustrator her work focuses both on still and moving image with traditional and computer based techniques. So she has a wide range of work in her portfolio.

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