Mayamada’s 2nd Games Night at Tutti Fruitti


As you may have seen in our previous coverage, Mayamada held polls for best flavour in a fight of all combinations for their latest event at frozen yogurt shop Tutti Fruitti. Pistachio & honey won so you got to taste this flavour just for just one day. The subtle flavours worked well for the heat wave not leaving a super sweet after taste perfect for the coming summer (hopefully soon). As you walk in to a line of people waiting patiently for their assorted concoctions at the yogurt bar Tutti fruiti.


This year’s event held a mixture of games, Fruit Ninja was set up on a big screen where people of all ages versed each other to become the fruit master. Then you had the Mario Kart/Brawl set up in the middle where casuals were being held till 6pm when things got competitive – there were Cybercandy goodies, t-shirts and manga up for grabs to the winners!

Most importantly, Mayamada were showcasing all their new lines of street wear and the Samurai Chef manga book. You could even get the writers to sign it if you were really polite, Nigel and Lau. Of course it wouldn’t be a Mayamada event without the signature cupcakes and there were many batches including cake on a stick!

controller aisha

In between listening to Jaunty and Tigerblood on Decks you could also get to business with the old favourites Connect four and Jenga, yes the extreme edition we had before was back to cause a disturbance! This was another great free event from Mayamada. To get to check out the latest urban street wear cross anime collection whilst hanging with friends and having a ball playing games and listening to some cool tunes was a treat.


About Mayamada

Anime inspired clothing brand based in London set in a fantasy television world with an all animal cast. At Mayamada they believe you should never lose your imagination, creativity or sense of fun and we live this through our clothing, characters and events.

The brand was founded by engineering graduates from London with a passion for Japanese culture, a love for t-shirts and stand out designs. Now producing a full volume of manga alongside their t shirts, hats, oyster card holders and badges.

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