Tekken Card Tournament For Your Phone


As the title suggests it’s a card game, not being a card game fan, I still had a go at playing Tekken Card Tournament. It’s a digital collectible card game based on Namco’s popular fighting game series Tekken. Players make use of decks of virtual cards themed after characters from the Tekken franchise, and then fight the computer or online players using wi fi or their internet connection. You can play this game without the internet but can’t claim rewards.

The gameplay mechanics in TCT makes use of a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ system whereby each player may pick one of three actions on each turn. Choosing to ‘Focus’ allows you to draw a card into your hand, up to a limit of five. Choosing ‘Strike’ allows you to attack with all the cards in your hand and also destroys the first (oldest) card in your opponent’s hand if they choose to Focus. Choosing ‘Block’, meanwhile blocks the first two cards from an opponent’s hand if they choose to ‘Strike’, but otherwise has no effect.


The challenge of the game is to guess what the opponent is thinking and retaliate using the best decision in certain circumstances, both players’ hands are visible to one another — and then taking the optimum course of action can be done easily. The time limit for each turn keeps the game fast paced.

Between games, players can customize their decks, taking cards out, adding new cards (won or bought) or changing character. The initial tutorial sequences provide the player with a couple of extra cards with which they can customize their first deck, but beyond that booster packs of cards must be purchased using either soft or hard currency.

The booster packs offered for soft currency contain three cards randomly selected from all the characters’ decks, so there is no guarantee the player will get a card they can use — in order to start using a new character (aside from the character chosen at the start), they must have at least 15 cards for another character to make a new deck. ‘Themed’ packs offer cards for three of the available characters ie. girl power. There is also a more expensive ‘Ultra Pack’ available for a larger amount of hard currency — this offers five cards from the complete collection, guarantees a rare card and offers increased opportunities to get ‘Elite’ and ‘Super-Rare’ cards that are typically more powerful.


This isn’t the only way to get new cards, you can also win them at random from matches or gain from completeing certain criteria ie. fight 15 consecutive matches. however — unlike most online card games, Tekken Card Tournament embraces the ‘trading cards’ aspect with an online market where players may both buy and sell cards from their collection. Once the player hits level 4, they are also able to make use of a ‘fusion’ system to fuse cards together and power them up. This provides yet another means of acquiring more cards.

For those who wish to grind their way to a larger collection, because of the ‘stamina’ system you can’t do many consecutive battles without waiting a long amount of time, or buying stamina.

For a mobile game it is presented well with almost Nintendo 3DS graphics and high-quality sound, and there’s certainly plenty to do. The developers also had to temporarily disable the ability for players to compete against one another as the game’s matchmaking facility was unable to cope with the strain. But the in game news is handy for players keeping everyone up to date with changes.

On the whole, Tekken Card Tournament shows a significant degree of potential, but the combination of its broken features and overly-aggressive monetization make it a title to be cautious about. Hopefully these situations will improve over time and make a better game as a result, but for the moment this game still needs some work.

Tekken Card Tournament is currently ranked at No. 160 in Top Free Apps, No. 20 in Top Free iPad Apps, No. 54 in Top Free Games and No. 12 in Top Free iPad Games on iOS, and No. 146 in the Card Game category on Android.

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