Japan Underground: Head Bangers 2


An event for all the metal/punk/pop addicts, we are given an usual mix of head banding music at Japan Underground (JPU). You will find something you like if not experience new rhythms and share a friendly pint amongst all the moshing. Also Japanese cuisine was in house if you needed to recoop your energy levels with Peko Peko – available for catering at events. https://www.facebook.com/PekoPekoKitchen


London-based Japanese rock outfit COLORS borrows influences from many genres of music, specifically 80s. Front man Kenji loves British punk, new wave and old skool visual kei, while other members take inspiration from heavy metal, pop and even a bit of a good old drum ‘n’ bass. With a unique mix of sounds from each member they give us an electric vibe and sound. Regular event goers would recongnise frontman Ken’s parachute pants from Gakanowa events and London Anime Con. They are certainly hitting the music scene hard.


When he’s not fronting one of the hottest names in psychedelic rock, Bo Ningen, Taigen Kawabe is busy crafting music on his own. Armed with a bass, impressively long beautiful hair and an effect pedal, he becomes a one man army of mind melting sound. Some have likened his solo work to a spiritual experience; with his strong facial expressions maybe even a demonic possession? He has preformed at Japan Underground in the past too.


Japan Underground have called upon Kobe’s newest metal outfit again BRAIN DEATH ZOMBIE. Inspired from the likes of Korn, SCREW, DIR EN GREY and alt. noise makers Pay money To my pain, this band bring a deeply haunting edge to the evening’s proceedings. Allmost every member’s face shrouded ecept for lead singer and keyboard/syncer. You are given a visually fruitful performance. The response from their first Japan Underground performance was phenomenal and they fronted the gig before returning back to Japan. Great to hear their pumped music once more!

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