Spotlight: The Heart of Gaming


Sadly arcades are a rarity in London these days, after the closing of Funland/Segaworld in Trocadero, then Gamerbase, and lastly Goodge Street arcade, gamers of London are left with a few mediocre machines in the basement of Trocadero – a shadow of the real ambience.

Enter The Heart of Gaming, a group decided to do up a warehouse in Acton and make it into a great gaming den for hardcore players. The whole setup is different, you don’t pay per go, you pay an entry fee of £10 and have free reign on as many machines as you like.


HOG has saved many of the Funland machines and have a large set up of beat ‘em up consoles. This is highly beneficial for gem meet up. Members of Snake pit regularly go there to get their Tekken on. So the journey to Acton is worth it as you can spend pretty much the whole day there.

They also hold regular lock ins, so £10 for 32 hours of gaming – yes yes yes! They are in the vicinity of shops, restaurants and open till early hours cafe so you can easily leave for a break and come back to resume the button bashing or bring snacks inside. Most recent was the Tekken lock in in April.


This is not some fat cat company, the founders are all gamers themselves and have made a great friendly atmosphere for gamers to feel home at and hang out. Even the graffiti art outside looks amazing and  grants curiosity to have a look inside. Lots of space and lots of fun await you at Heart of Gaming.

Watch our interview with The Heart of Gaming here:


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