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Sarah Jones (aka Girl in the Rain) grew up in the countryside in Wiltshire. Although she loved being among trees and fields, she was often bored from living far away from her friends and would spend the evenings using her vivid imagination to draw interesting characters and make up stories in her head. After studying an art and design foundation course, Sarah went to university in London to study illustration and is now working as a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator.

Sarah has two self published works The Dollmaker and The Edge. She has also worked with writer Jon Lock ( on a short story for Disconnected Press (availble here and is currently working on several exciting up coming projects.

Traditional media is a strong theme in Sarah’s work and the importance of being expressive with materials. Sarah feels having a handmade quality to her work is really important in a world that is quite saturated with digital styles and enjoys making a mess with inks.

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1. The Lonely Tea Party
2. Heights
3. The Tiger’s Bride


What anime/manga influence your art?

1 rakka

I take influence from comics with darker undertones and really interesting characters such as Death Note, Gunslinger Girl and Deadman Wonderland. I always think the mark of a good manga is one where you become so immersed in the story that when you stop reading you feel like you’ve just woken from a dream.

I’m also influenced by other graphic novels and illustrators, I love the work of Tomer Hanuka, Shaun Tan and Frank Miller. To be honest I find anything that tells a story inspirational; animation, films, books and even video games too!

I love Haibane Renmei, its so charming a beautiful, my favourite character is Rakka, she’s just so cute!


Do you base the fashion of your characters on current trends?


I guess it depends on the character, I really love fashion and the way it can hint at the personality of a character. You can see a lot of Lolita fashion in my illustrations, a fashion sub culture from Japan. I simply love the how the cute frilly details contrast against the dark, morbid elements in my work. I’ve recently got into the steampunk aesthetic too and want to use this more in my work in the future

I love mixing sweet with gothic, or bittersweet lolita. I think you can tell from my illustrations there’s a lot of pink and black, girls with big biker boots and cute fluffy dresses. I love this contrast and always try to give things that look to cute a bit of edge.


What inspires your drawing content?


So many things inspire me. Sometimes its a sentence from a book or a song, someone I saw in the street, or simply my imagination has come up with a character or story I want to draw. My work is also an expression of the feelings, the process of drawing them helps me deal with them and hopefully creates an interesting piece of art in the process!

I mostly use watercolours and inks, they are my absolute favourite medium to work in because they are a bit unpredictable! But that’s what I like about them. I love how expressive traditional media is, I love the ability to create stuff with my hands and not a machine. Although Photoshop definitely has its uses!

I think the inks create a strong visual style which recurs in all my art and my love of lolita fashion! I also try to create conceptual, interesting illustrations that convey a deeper meaning or story behind them.


Any advice for aspiring artists?


Draw from life. Sounds so boring, but it is seriously the best thing you can ever EVER do. It will make your work feel more dynamic, when your drawings are based on things that are real, they will feel realer to others too. Also experiment and don’t be afraid to make mistakes! My best work has often come from mistakes, I think failing is super important as an artist and we should embrace it! You always make 100s of rubbish drawings until you get that one great one!

You can find Sarah Jones taking portrait commissions at the next London MCM expo in October!

Lastly, could you please drawn an image of AnnaMay?

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