Uta no Prince Sama Review


The first season of Uta no Prince Sama explains who Nanami is and the Starish crew. After putting everything in perspective you can watch the second season with ease, actually know who everyone helps as a lot of them do look similar, their are very slight differences in drawing.


In the second series you continue to follow Starish into stardom. The best part (personally) was the backstroy on mysterious Prince Cecil who lived in Nanami’s dreams in the first series. He is in fact real and joins the group – his voice is exactly what is missing. If you haven’t already fallen in love with him then you will, his charm is never ending but being a gaijin (foreigner) he has much to learn and is closed off about becoming an idol as all he is into is Nanami as it seems. Queue protective Starish to her side.


The songs have also continued to be catchy and keep the viewers entertained. ‘Poison Kiss’ was sure to make all girls hearst go DOKI DOKI. The song will be downloadable at the end of the series.  We are still meeting a wide array of characters. It is interesting to see what an idol has to really go through to become a true idol, commercials, parts and having to give their all into in.

If you like La Corda d’Oro, Fruits Basket, Boys Over Flowers, or Ouran High School Host Club then you’ll definitely love this one. It may actually be the best reverse harem Crunchyroll has ever offered.

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