Nintendo Games Preview Event


Nintendo decided to have a small event in London to preview their games featured at E3. At the event there was a mixture of Wii U, 3DS and HD remastered titles to play with. It was a brilliant way to catch some of the most highly anticipated Wii U and 3DS games of 2013 and 2014.


Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The first game I got my hands on was the highly anticipated Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, this game has all the mechanics of a classic Zelda and more. The animation has been spruced up and you are given a cute anime feel too. You can also use 2D mode where you can jump onto walls like Paper Mario and past traps with ease. Well I say with ease, you have to watch the 2D morph gauge as eventually you will revert back to 3D. You use a variety of weapons to aid you in your puzzles, such as the hammer to activate switches.


Pikmin 3

If you own a 3DS you would already seen the graphics for Pikmin 3 within the Streetpass tile mini game. If you’re new to Pikmin it’s straight forward, you collect Pikmin to do your bidding. Order them to pick up fruit or break obstacles in a wide background. The size of the army depends on the fruit. The real appealing feature (apart from the amazing 3D graphics) for the new game is the co op modes helping each other!


Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

This game follows a set platform game but with 3D features were you activate switches which makes the 3D background pop out. Donkey Kong’s living space is overrun by Vikings from the North Sea. In order to reclaim it, Donkey Kong and friends set off on an adventure that will take them to five islands. What’s unique about this game is you can get help from your friends, so it’s multiplayer and characters playable include Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. It is on and off screen, so you can play single payer mode on your Wii controller while others can watch the TV.


Bayonetta 2

A game for button bashing maniacs. The game with ample nudity and beautiful graphics is back. This time you also have the facility to use standard mode on tap screen where you use a stylus to attack on the Wii U controller. It opens the game up to a wider audience as people who aren’t too keen on the fighting sequences can breeze through on the touch screen options – exchanging rationale for crazy-fast combos and elaborate torture finishers.


Super Mario 3D World

If you love Mario then you will love this new installment of multi-player cuteness as one of the new power-up unique to Super Mario 3D World is the Cat Suit, which players earn by finding a golden bell. Raccoon suit move on over! Once your in your Cat Suit, you are able to climb up walls. This new power-up also lets players scratch their claws against enemies to defeat them.


Ducktales HD Remastered

Everyone remembers the original 80s game Ducktales, well not only have they remastered it, they’ve added features and brought back the original cast of voice actors, including Scrooge McDuck  – who was actually retired. This game only requires the two button to jump and pogo onto enemies. With longer levels for an enjoyable experience on a classic game.


Sonic Lost World (Wii U & 3DS)

How can you do a new spin on a classic? Sonic has the same principles, it’s his world that’s changed. You now move on a cylinder from left to right avoiding traps and entering different worlds/backgrounds. Jumping from cylinder to cylinder Sonic can speed through obstacles and jump to rings. With alternate paths taking you to random themed backgrounds, expanding upon new dessert zone which all differ drastically from each other. They have integrated lots of past Sonic features like collecting red coins from Sonic Colours. The gamepad is used to activate colour powers.


Just Dance 4

You can choose from an impressive 47 songs ranging from 1980s classics such as (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life, to modern chart toppers from the likes of PSY. We can’t hide the fact that some of the songs are covers but they do add a zombie twist to the moves of  ‘I will survive’ which is highly entertaining. Added feature, Puppet Master mode, is a great party game mode. Every 15-20 seconds you’ll have the chance, as the GamePad bystander, to set a pose for your friends. They have to strike a pose as best they can and you award points to the person who you think deserves them. You can also switch songs mid dance to spice things up for the dancees.


Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD

Same great game but with crisp sharp HD graphics, you also have new features to integrate the Mii universe. As well as  accessing the boss battles whenever you like from the Wii pad. One of the best Zelda games to add to your Wii U collection.

Watch our compilation video on the event below:

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