Anime Picks Recommends: Anime UK Show Podcast


Regular readers of Anime Picks will be accustomed to reading Aisha’s many event reports, reviews and event previews. However, Aisha’s talents stretch further than Anime Picks and into podcasting. She hosts a weekly podcast called Anime UK Show, which is about all the latest (and retro), manga, games, conventions and otaku culture.

Of course Aisha is not alone, in her all-female team is Alex, Harriet and new member Orun. The group discuss the above topics and quite often rant and debate on the latest Japanese news and happenings.


About the team:


Aisha – Aisha is the Anime Uk Show host, she writes for, goes to weird and wonderful events be it Japanese music, gaming previews, fashion shows or conventions. In her spare time she likes to dress up as a Lolita and play Tekken.


Alex – Alex is a fashion student turned mecha pro. She makes complex armour for her favourite mech characters and makes a big impact in the cosplay scene. She can be found in most cases playing her prized PSP Vita or Skyrim on the PC.


Harriett – Harriett is a cosplay photographer extraordinaire. Doing the occasional cosplay, she has gone from in front to behind the lense and has an extensive knowledge on anime and manga. Her fav character is Yami Yugi.


Orun (right) – Orun saves up her bucks from working at a comic book store, to go to the big cons where she whips out her personality and bad ass cosplay. If she isn’t at work she is dota-ing or drawing. Next stop America.

Currently the girls are reviewing the latest 36 anime released this summer on their regular show out every Friday/Saturday. Feel free to submit questions to them via Facebook or Twitter and they may answer it in future podcasts.

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