London Anime Con 7: Highlighs


The sun was shining at London Anime Con, with perfect weather to have Ai My Maid serving in the courtyard around the back. In amongst the hustle and bustle of the attendees, you could look over all the merchandise with the powerful voice of EileMonty in the background. First things first, contrary to the program, I inquired and got straight in the queue to meet the amazingly versatile voice actor David Vincent.

David Vincent is a professional Voice Actor best known as Grimmjow Jeagerjaques and Kouga Kuchiki in the hit series Bleach and Code Geass as Li Xingke. David was nominated Best Voice Actor in an Anime by the American Anime Awards for his work in GUN x SWORD.

Some of his more recent Video Game credits include Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen in the hit series BLAZBLUE, Marshall Law and Forest Law in the hit video game franchise TEKKEN, Shin Kamiya in TEKKEN: Blood Vengance. David has many more new titles to be released this year.


David was very friendly. He happily chatted away, did impressions and was even happy to take photos with fans. A few hours later he was scheduled for a Q&A and as the crowds gathered, he received specific questions about how he got into voice acting and explained theatre work is integral for him to react to words rather than say words. Also fellow voice acting buddy Steve Bloom (Spike – Cowboy Bebop) even encouraged him. His interview is at the bottom of this article.

The Otaku Fashion show was varied this time, with a mixture of Harajuku styles and strangely, suits. We felt that Spirit Models showcased their new Models rather than the fashion. We strongly urge more people to apply to the fashion show weather you be punk, lolita or in a onesie in the future for a better variety of performers. Some of our old favourites like Zara and Esti-licious(now Chiquita) were involved.


[Artwork by Clover Lee]

Top Stalls:

KD’s Karens Kakes and Krafts – it’s a mouthful but really tasty, this lady is selling all her homemade twisted flavours including salted caramel and Peanut butter with Oreos which we happily bought for £1 each! This is a bargain for an amazing taste on your lips. Any one who purchased a cake or craft was automatically entered into a raffle for one of her homemade personalised monkeys.

Find her on facebook:

I Am Shalloo is an established comic book artist who specialises in Transformers, Spiderman, Dr Who and PlayStation characters. Since he is with the same publishers as My Little Pony he even had a stab at cameoing them in his art to and that was his best seller at London Anime Con.

Find Mr Shalloo on twitter for commissions or to bag one of his detailed prints: @liamshalloo

Girl in the Rain is a featured British manga artist. Sarah Jones attended LAC7 with her beautiful prints selling like wildfire. Her beautiful Lolita fashioned characters really caused a stir, with her melancholy art style creating deep emotions in the eyes. Make sure to catch her at the next MCM in October 2013.

Find her at: and in our UK Artist Showcase here:

Retro Rehab – Like the name it really did make us nostalgic seeing the Sega Saturn section, laden with so many sentimental games like Shining Wisdom, Fighting Vipers, Dark Saviour and even Virtual Fighter. For great classics and to find out which conventions they are at next go to their Facebook:

Watch our video compilation of the event featuring David Vincent here:


Watch our interview with David Vincent here:

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  1. Nathan Ndot Edwards says: Reply

    Our Music Video from the event…care to share : )

  2. Pete says: Reply

    It was a pretty awesome con, with a focus on quality talks, shows, sections and stalls. Just regret only being able to make it along for the one day!

    Still – at least @uneeadisti and I managed to take some photos of the epic cosplayers!

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