HYPER JAPAN 2013: Fashion and Toys


[Header image Pokeball Necklace / Keychain from Nerd Craft]

With Hyper Japan split in different sections it was easy to find all the fashion stalls but I even found some gems scattered amongst the merchandise sections.


Neon Martian

Here you will find many of the latest and coolest toys and collectibles from Japan, such as Encore, Henkei and Masterpiece Transformers, Trading Cards, Bleach, One Piece, D.Gray-man, Soul Eater and other anime and manga figures. They also have a large range of premium figures such as Queen’s Blade, Gurren Lagann and many glamorous female scuplts. All products at Neon Martian are 100% licenced and issued through authorized distributors and are supported by tags and official stickers where issued. They get hold of rare items at reasonable prices too. Find out more about them here: www.neonmartian.com

Watch our video interview with Neon Martian below:



Nerd Craft

Launched in October 2012, NerdCraft, provides fun, fanciful, cute and creative jewellery and craft with a geeky twist. Using laser cut acrylic jewellery based on geek culture, games, TV, pop culture, literature and anything cool and geeky. All items are hand made by the team and come nicely packaged in their own box (made from 100% recycled paper and card). They are constantly adding new designs but if you have a bright idea for something you would like to see, PM them!

Email: info@nerdcraft.co.uk
Website: www.nerdcraft.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/nerdcrafts

Bountiful Bosoms

A real ‘Easter Egg’ was talking to the owners of Chimera stall (supplying all types of Weis Swartz). Their full time job was making cosplay props, super realistic silicone breast prosthetics and breast forms, hips and other feminising items for that perfect cross-play. I cannot do the the products justice, you have to access them yourself on: www.bountifulbosoms.co.uk and www.thechimera.co.uk

Wizard Wand co.

Again not strictly a fashion stall but they arrange Japan trips for cosplayers to all the cosplay hotspots as well as great places to pose for shots. You never know which top Japanese photographer may take your photos!

More information here: wiztour.jimdo.com

WorldCosplay: worldcosplay.net

Cakes with Faces

Some kitch tees with graphic art by Amy Crabtree, inspired by Japanese pop culture and kawaii. Cute t-shirts, prints and character design – see all the drawings and get the t-shirt on: www.cakeswithfaces.co.uk and remember, all the best stuff is from Japan!

*Nominated for a NEO Award 2012 (Best Specialist Company)

Email: info@cakeswithfaces.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cakeswithfaces


The Kawaii Kollective

It’s pretty much what it says on the sign really, a collection of all things Kawaii. I found a selection of cute jewellery, kigu (Japanese for onesie), cat ears and lots of Alpacas! Huraah! Some of the Alpacas were rare and had designs not seen before at expos, my favourite was the pirate with his adorable eye patch. Enter their competitions on Facebook for free cuteness: www.facebook.com/TheKawaiiKollective


All handmade contemporary (though very reminiscent for me being an 80’s baby) kitsch jewellery! Anything can be made into lovely unique items to wear and the creator will give it a go. This page is also to let people know about all the fairs and events ILOVEKITSCH will be attending through out the year. With great items like domino bracelets, watch her interview in our fashion and merchandise video at the bottom of this article.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ilovekitsch

Rococo Daze

Since the increased popularity in Lolita fashion hit the UK, it’s been difficult to order the authentic garments without paying a bomb on postage or waiting for expos where sizes and colours are limited. Importing Lolita branded dresses from Japan, owner Lucy get’s the joy of picking the dresses, accessories and models them where possible.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RococoDaze


Kawaii Hunnies

Another Kawaii brand? No not at all, they specialise in stationary, squishies, deco art kits and much more! A place where you can find Kawaii Goodies, DIY Sweets, Handmade Candyland jewelery and bakery treats. Some of the hotest items Ally (founder) is selling are her squishy treats in all different varieties, ice creams, doughnuts and her deco sets. The deco sets are made of clay where you use moulds to make cakes and desserts to use for diy design for jewellery, keyrings – the possibilities are endless if you have a creative knack.

Website: www.kawaiihunnies.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KawaiiHunnies

Email: info@kawaiihunnies.com

Candy Geisha

This chick is from a theatre background and adds drama to all her creations, whether it be a hairpiece or or a statement necklace, enjoy the beautiful designs from Miss Whimsical Cupcake See her detailed interview in our video at the bottom of this article.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/candygeishaworld

Also caught up with my top stalls from MCM: Electric Sheep and Kaktus Kawaii and interviewed them regarding their inspirations and top picks from their stalls check out their interviews in the Hyper Japan Fashion and Merchandise video below.

You need something with oomph and rave colours go to: www.facebook.com/ElectricSheepClothing

Want the height of cuteness hanging off your necklace and bracelets, go to: www.facebook.com/KactusKawaii

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