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Ajiey Media is an online media platform for comics, manga, TV, articles and more. Their aim is to produce entertaining content for people of all ages alongside giving other creators a chance to launch their stuff. How did I get to know about them? Theo Ajiey himself was asking people if they were into manga and handed out business cards.

Currently there are four sections to Ajiey Media:

Ajiey Manga: The flagship of Ajiey Media is the manga they create that comes out every Thursday. Aimed at teens to young adults we provide light hearted content that everyone can enjoy.

Ajiey TV: The AjieyMedia YouTube channel, containing various shows, sketches, videos and more.

Ajiey Creatives: An information platform giving aspiring creators information on how to create their own content, stories, comics and more…

Ajiey Articles: Blogs about various other things non-Ajiey related.


It started as the website Woajiey which is still around (woaji.blogspot.co.uk) as a place to showcase all of Theo Ajiey’s (founder of Ajiey Media) work (created in 2011). He first started working on the book Fantasy World around early 2011 and it was published in September 2011. After publishing Fantasy World he got interest from other people about helping them with their comics too and finally around mid 2012, Ajiey Media was born.

Since then the team (Theo Ajiey, Daras Makinde and PR guy John Sarkazz) have published Dystopia the Telepath and a webcomic called Supers. Recently they’ve released Ajiey Creatives to help people who are interested in creating their own stories and manga and have taken on a few people to work with Ajiey Media to get their stories created.

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