Toy Spotlight: Kawaii Hunnies


The brains behind Kawaii Hunnies is Ally Flynn. Who’s background is mainly in retail and fashion houses, but is also a crafter and jewellery maker on commission using polymer clay and and other materials. She is also a certified soap and candle maker, who gained a keen interest when her daughter started watching polymer clay and felting tutorial videos on YouTube. She also discovered re-ments konupan, popin cooking DIY Kit and many more.

With a degree in forensics she has a keen eye for detail and after purchasing their first kawaii goodies – her first haul video had over 12,000 hits with emails pouring into her YouTube inbox. It was then she decided to open her first YouTube shop with £20, and rest was history. She deals and sources directly from Japan and other Asian countries.


Some of Ally’s new and top items at Kawaii Hunnies are below:

Disney Perry The Platypus Squishy Mascot From from Hit Show: Phineas and Ferb. Squishy Mascot is exclusive to Kawaii Huninies and is a Limited Edition

These squishes are exclusive at Kawaii Hunnies. They are super rare and we have a limited supply in stock. Calaple is an official Nic/SBY licensed product and comes with a ball chain and phone pluggy.

Super cute smiley face Marshmallow Squishy comes with a cell phone strap. Its lightly scented of marshmallow goodness! Each bun measure Size approx 10cm.

Debika Happy sweet whip clay(green with glitter) from Japan, Whip clay with glitter which is super lightweight paper clay, dry by air. Imported from Japan you get approximately 80gr (2.82 oz), width: 10cm (3.9″), height: 19cm (7.5″) very good quality, suitable for making whipped cream for miniature food and other delicate objects to DIY for key rings.

San-x Mini Sentimental Circus Plush born from the Sanario brand soft of the touch plush key rings with cute/contemporary designs. Kawaii Hunnies present Shappo, Kuro, Mouton,Toto and favourite character Rio they are the famous Sentimental Circus. Each plush charm measures approx. 6- 10cm and it comes with a gold ball chain – ideal to hang on your mobile phone or perfect accessory for your hand bag. The plush has a magnet inside them so that means you can place your favourite character on your fridge too!


The squishies themselves are so cute and pretty smelling, we thought we would experiment with them for different uses, please watch our video tutorial below for how to transform Kawaii Bunnies Squishie in a statement head piece:

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