Sci-fi London’s Anime All-Nighter 2013

Sci-fi London‘s notorious Anime All-Nighter screening of fantastic Japanese animation returns with a stellar line-up that includes: WOLF CHILDRENMamoru Hosada – 117minsHana falls in love and starts a family with two beautiful children – Yuki (Snow), and Ame (Rain). But the family harbours a secret, their father is a ‘Wolf-Man’, half human and half wolf, and […]

Review: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is the fourth sequel to 2003’s Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, the blend of action and RPG is different but abused heavily in this game. The art style is charming, the script is funny even if the story line has gotten a little silly over the years and poor Luigi is still […]

Japanese Food & Snack Spotlight: Tofu Cute

After seeing Tofu Cute’s cute side, we discovered at MCM Expo that owner expanded the brand to house a huge assortment of cute Japanese food, snacks and drinks. Below are some of our favourites. Food: Meiji Mini Tube – Coffeebeat Chocolate Coffeebeat from famous Japanese confectionery company Meiji is a must-try for all coffee lovers. […]

Brighton Japan Festival Returns This Month

Now in its fifth fantastic year, Brighton Japan Festival 2013 marks the return of the UK’s largest annual celebration of Japanese culture! The brainchild of Brighton’s premier Japanese restaurant, Moshimo, the ever-growing festival promises this will be a record-breaking year. Quadrupling in size for 2013, the Brighton Japan Festival has announced its new home in […]

Nintendo Introduces Nintendo 2DS

Announced on 28th August 2013 (out of nowhere), Nintendo have released yet another handheld baby to the market. The 2DS is a new touchscreen tablet that plays all your 3DS games. But the second screen doesn’t offer 3D, but you can still play 3DS games, downloads and go online – all at the fraction of […]