Ai My Maid Fro-Yo Party

What makes Ai My Maid different is their traditional Japanese take on this concept. Of course the original concept is from Japan but the outfits and activities differ greatly. They also had pop up cafes at London Anime Con and London Film and Comic Con this year, but this is their first official event. From […]

IGN’s Lightning Returns Preview Event

IGN gave out free tickets last minute to their preview screening to Lightning Returns – to which we were lucky to attend. The event featured game footage and a chance to play the game (different to the demo at Eurogamer). Not much information was disclosed on the event page, but whoever turned up were pleasantly surprised […]

Mayamada: Anime Inspired Clothing Winter Range

If you’re a regular Anime Picks reader you are no stranger to the urban anime Japanese fashion brand mayamada, who organise events, have made their own comic and much more. The UK’s newest anime inspired clothing brand have released their new winter collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts for preorder. The collection includes the brand’s mix of […]

First Impressions: Diabolik Lovers

In Diabolik Lovers the heroine, Komori Yui, has always been an ordinary high school student who has been able to maintain a positive outlook on life. In her second year of high school, Yui’s father, a priest, moves somewhere else due to work, or so we are told. Yui is forced by these events to […]

London Film and Comic Con 2013: Top Picks

The event was originally covered for which is alas no more. Veronica Tyalor doing a Q&A London Film and Comic Con has come round twice already this year, and is one of the smaller cons by Showmasters which specialise in television and movie stars, where you come and buy autographs and have chances to […]

Review: Disgaea D2

Disgaea is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and company Nippon Ichi Software’s 20th anniversary this year with the release of it’s new game Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. Following the story of much loved Demon overlord Laharl from the first game. He carries on forcing his supremacy on all the demons of the underworld who frankly don’t take him […]

Newcastle Cosplay Con this Saturday

Newcastle CosCon is the place for you to be if your a hardcore cosplayer or simple interested in it – even if your style varies from mainstream fashion. It’s a family friendly event that allows you to come along with friends and family of any age. The venue has lifts to every floor and is fully wheelchair […]