Cakes with Faces: Japanese Inspired Clothing Feature


With MCM coming up, here is feature on clothing brand Cakes with Faces. Run by UK graphic artist specialising in cute characters, influenced by Japanese culture and kawaii, a lot of Amy’s designs are of food (especially cakes) with faces, which is why she called her brand Cakes with Faces.

She always loved drawing, but started digital illustration when she got a graphics tablet and a stack of digital art magazines as a present. After followed many tutorials and learning to use Photoshop and Illustrator, she really appreciated the clean, graphic look of vectors, which you can’t achieve by hand. She then built up a collection of characters, and really wanted to do something with them.


In 2011 Amy went for it, and booked a stall at MCM Expo in London. And that’s when Cakes with Faces really began! She started with just five t-shirts, along with art prints and button badges, and has been doing cons ever since.

“It’s been hard work but a lot of fun, and it’s been great seeing the following grow on Facebook, and when people turn up to cons wearing Cakes with Faces t-shirts!”


Now there are 13 t-shirt designs, baby grows, a comic book about making sushi and a cute chopping board! Every penny she makes from the online shop goes back into Cakes with Faces to bring out new stuff, because there’s so much to do. Next step is bringing the characters to life in 3D as figures or blindbox toys one day.

You can see all of Amy’s artwork on her website:

You can order all the t-shirts online on


The most popular design is All the Best Stuff is from Japan, featuring her favourite things! There’s so much great stuff from Japan that it’s impossible to fit it all on one t-shirt: sushi, the bullet train, vending machines, ninjas, Fuji-san, ramen, robots…

One of her new designs for this summer is Say No to Knife crime, with some terrified vegetables and a menacing knife! This one matches the design of her chopping board, then she added the words to make it into a colourful t-shirt design.

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