Ai my Maid’s Froyo Party


Dear goshujin-sama and ojou-sama (masters and mistresses),  Ai My Maid, a group specialising in hosting Japanese inspired ‘maid cafe’ events are proud to announce that they have teamed up with Tutti Frutti – one of London’s best frozen yogurt shops – for their next event, a frozen yogurt party!


You can purchase tickets at the following link:


At the event, you will not only be able to eat absolutely delicious treats (such as many flavours of froyo, bubble tea, tea, coffee and cake), but the cute maids and charming butlers will be there to make sure you are entertained. You will have the chance to:

  • Play a wide variety of fun games, from classics like Connect 4, Pop up pirate and Jenga to console games like Street Fighter, Mario Kart and Super Smash brothers (please feel free to request a game and we will try to make sure it is available)
  • Request unique talents/performances from our maids/butlers, ranging from singing, dancing and drawing to tarot card reading
  • Take special personalised cheki (polaroid pictures) with the maids
  • Win fun prizes for taking part in our activities or by proving your gaming skills


For all you Pokemon masters out there, to celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Y, they will be holding a prize draw at all 3 of our event slots. The lucky winners will each win the grand prize of a copy of either Pokemon X or Y.

To enter the draw, all you need to do is purchase a ticket to this event online.

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