UK Artist Showcase: Pixipui’s Bizarre Adventures


Pixipui graduated with A BA Hons in CG Arts and animation. Her and her sister (Storm) were influenced by their mother’s artwork. While growing up Pixipui used to draw characters from anime she watched or characters she played in games. That then inspired her to create characters of her own which then fit into a handmade comic book titled ‘Family and Friends’. Recently she resurrecting those characters and has been making a more up to date comic. Find that webcomic here:

As a teenager she soon realised she wanted to be able to make my characters come to life and dance. The best way to do that would be to learn how to create and animate 3D models and as an added bonus she would be able to go into the games industry as a CG Generalist (which meant a lot to her as gaming ran in the family, even her parents played and introduced her to the wonderful world of gaming, to which Storm and her make one of the best co-operative partners).





1. Miri: (From Codename Cookie)
2. Dorian Dayle: (From the Woman of Los Feliz)
3. Zion and Flora: (From Family and Friends)

These works are actually from her various university projects.

What’s your favourite anime character (and why)?


It took me a while to think of this one but, I have been watching a lot of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure recently and so my favorite anime character was either out of Jonathan or Joseph Joestar and I had to choose Joseph!

Jonathan was my original favorite character but Joseph is more humorous. And because he is Jonathan’s grandson he looks like him too which equals the best of both worlds for me really.

Hmm why do I like Joseph Joestar… I like his personality because he’s so silly sometimes. Love the way he looks (since I’m all about character design) that he cross-dressed once, that his character is well thought out and engrossing. Lastly I adore his voice!
I wanted to be a voice actor so I appreciate when a voice matches the character.

I like the contrast of muscles and 80’s feminine styled clothes because it makes him stand out and removes stereotypical rules
(I even have what I call his intro music, Bloody Stream [from the current anime] on my phone in 8-bit version).

What is your signature art style?


Hmm good question, while I was at university I strived towards artistic diversity rather than being stuck to one style. So I don’t think I have a signature style.

Do you collect merchendise or would you rather buy an Alpaca?


I do indeed collect merchandise although if there was a Jojo looking alpaca I’d buy that instead!

Lastly, could you please draw an image of AnnaMay?


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