UK Artist Showcase: Valeriya Fedoseeya


“I’ve been drawing all my life” – this type of line you hear from a lot of artists, and it would apply to Valeriya Fedoseeya too.  She has been doodling since she was tiny but started taking art seriously at school.

After meeting people who were better than her, this motivated her to get better. So, it became a sport. Then, at some point, it became her lifesaver. Literally, all children go through a period when they are bullied in school and Valeriya Fedoseeya was no exception. And we all deal with it differently, in her case, in order not to lose sanity or hurt people she concentrated all her emotions on paper. And then, after that… she started getting a lot of complements on her drawings because they’d get better and better, and around high school time, she started to think about making art her profession. She didn’t want to end up working as something that she disliked, instead she wanted to make a future career in something interesting so I chose art, and went into animation.

Having never studied art nor took any professional classes in it, all she knows is self-taught! This is inspiring for others who want to make art/animation a career –  you can do it without any particular classes. All it takes is one’s determination and strong willpower. However, Valeriya Fedoseeya would recommend you to take some drawing classes at some point as they would speed up your development as an artist.

Now she works on many different things: a 3D character artist and animator sometimes, also working on her own commissioned work for design companies. In the meantime trying to make a proper début as a manga artist. Ideally wanting to properly publish this awesome story about that character that you see on a poster with the wolf. She kind of resembles famous Studio Ghibli’s’ Princess Mononoke,  Studio Ghibli inspired her. Actually, she still watches it! One day Valeriya Fedoseeya’s dreams to become a manga artist in Japan.

Valeriya-Fedoseeya2 Valeriya-Fedoseeya3


1. Valeriya Fedoseeya’s character Magura

2. Valeriya’s Original Characters Mai and Max

3. Valeriya Fedoseeya’s 3D modelling


Do you have any routines you follow before working on a new art piece?


Before, not really… I have a routine while creating a piece. If it is a period while searching for the inspiration there is no define answer what to do to get inspired as different artists do different things. But there is a routine that I like to get in while working on my drawing. Usually it involves studying the pose that I want to draw. First I get a ‘blurry’ idea of the final look, so I make several sketches before I’m totally happy with what I have. If I’m having a trouble with a particular bit in the pose of the character that I can’t draw correctly, I would even sit in front of the mirror in the pose that the character is supposed to be in. I go this far to get the drawing to look accurately! This is one and only routine type of thing I do, when working on a drawing.


Do you have a good luck charm?


I have things that I most comfortable using. There is no such thing as a ‘lucky pen’ there is only a tool that is comfortable for you to use while working. I always have them with me where ever I go! You can sort of say that this could count as a charm… but at the end, what works best for an artist is the skill to put his/her vision on paper… You’d need luck only during an exam when you hadn’t studied 😉 if you have the skill to draw anything, you don’t need charm. That is why, I think practising makes you stronger as an artist and gives you more self-confidence.


Who is your favourite anime character?

question _3 _Sinbad_MAGI

Gosh! I have so many… ha ha… If I had to name one, I’d name the one from the manga I’m currently addicted to its Sinbad from manga called ‘Magi, Labyrinth of Magic’ by Shinobu Ohtaka. It is an amazing and super funny shounen manga and I’m amazed not only as a reader but also as a mangaka. It amazed me how the author took famous characters that we know from the other works, like Sinbad and Alladdin and Ali-Baba, and adapted them to the story turning it into a completely different story and giving the original characters a new life! And Sinbad is just an awesome character! When watching an anime or reading manga I always tend to fall for the hotties be they a cool type of guy like Byakuya Kuchiki(BLEACH) or Sesshomaru (Inuyasha) or sexy like Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)… I’d put Sinbad in the same line with Sebastian though… ha ha…


What is your favourite genre?


Hmmm… Genre… when I read manga I don’t care whether it is shonen or shoujo or any other… I don’t have a particular preference at all according to the genre. As long as the story and artwork are good and interesting, I’ll read it! I used to like shoujo manga more because shoujo artists tend to have a nice style of drawing, comparing to the shonen manga. And when I open a comic book I first look at the style of drawing, if it is appealing to me or not. This might sound bad because there are authors whose artwork might not be appealing but the story is super… A good example would be Bleach. I didn’t like the style of drawing when it first came out. My friends actually had to force me to watch the first DVD… but then I actually got into the storyline and was glued to the PC for weeks until I caught up with all the story. Now I tend to give a try to many other comics and at least read few chapters before I make up my mind.

Now, if you ask me this question as an artist who also writes manga. Then I would be even more troubled to answer it! Ha ha… Because now I have developed the taste for shonen and shoujo stories… I don’t know how to classify mine. By looking at the style if my drawings, they probably look more Girlish, that is why it is more shoujo. But! My new story that I’m developing at the moment would be more of a shounen type, because there will be a lot of fighting and superpowers etc. At the same time I want to make it interesting both for boys and girls so that is why I don’t want to classify my stories according to the shonen, shoujo etc. types. I just want it to be interesting!


Lastly, could you please draw an image of AnnaMay?


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