Bringing the Burlesque to Cosplay: JazzHandsCosplay


Let us introduce you to Chloe who’s 18 years old and lives in Essex, currently study Film and Television at South Essex College, she is also known as JazzHandsCosplay. She has so many interests including films, “Film making is one my main interests well post production editing films has always been one my passions ever since I was little. Make Up designing i love making prosthetics. Burlesque dancing iv been doing burlesque for few months now fun way to keep fit and healthy.”


You’re new to the cosplay scene, so when did you start?

My first convention was MCM Expo in october 2009. MCM Expo is a huge comic and anime event that goes on 2 times a year in London. I didn’t really start cosplaying until 2010 because I was insecure with the way I looked. So I was just casually browsing the internet and I got asked to be a Fem Joker in a joker and Harley Quinn Cosplay group for Mcm Expo October 2009. I didn’t like the idea of dressing up because I was scared of what people would say and think but I just ignored everything went for it. It was the best weekend of my cosplay life, people were taking photos of me and just being supper friendly. I didn’t actually make the costume I brought parts and just dyed a lot of clothes. I was really new to cosplay. But after that I started making all my costumes, its more fun.

Would you say you have a theme in your cosplays?

All the characters I ever choose are villains or only there to please themselves…Why? because most villains have more interesting back stories than the actual hero. It takes me along time to trie and find a character that I love and really want to cosplay because there are so many. Like for Example Sindel From MK9 Mortal Kombat 9, her back story and her personality is just badass she is Queen of Edenia and she has a awesome ability to levitate and manipulate sonic waves from her lungs.


Do you prefer anime or games?

So I’m not a huge huge fan of anime or manga but there is one anime Yu-Gi-Oh! I use to always watch it with my brother when I was little and we all ways use to collect the cards and spend all out pocket money on new packs. I still love it to this day one of them TV shows you never forget. But my favourite game is Borderlands 2, so much explosions and badass attitude, it’s such a fun game to play with other to I recommend everyone plays it.

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Any advice on makeup?

I recently did a cosplay for MCM Expo October 2013. As female Hades I had to basically be blue it took me a lot trill error to get face paint just right. I use snazzaroo for most of my cosplays and the secret of applying it is to dab the brush on the colour then dab it on your skin don’t just slap it on your skin dab it other wise it can go very very streaky and wouldn’t give you full effect. If you are painting your whole body don’t get some colour tights and put then over your legs saves you a hell of a lot of time it took me two hours to do my make up thats with out anyone to do my back for me. Also use a seller to seal the paint in place or hair spray thats the cheap method.

Another tip: Bring a pack lunch or food with you. Con food is rather expensive and water to drink through out the day.

Your favourite cosplay to date?

My favourite costume has to be Sindel from MK9 it was the most difficult one to construct because I had to make armour and I have never done that before until this year again a lot trial and error and I was so happy with the results in the end…. never give up you will get there in the end That’s my motto.

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