Playnation Games: Gaming with Personality Shop


Finding a game shop with personality and great selection is hard to come by these days. We remember a few scattered around London selling retro consoles and rare import games and services you would say under your breath. With the collapse of Gamestation, Electronic’s Boutique and even a vast number of Game stores, we are left with little hope for great in store value with the increasing internet stores.


M&M Games – now Playnation Games has overcome these obstacles. Not offering the cheapest of prices compared to the internet, what this store offers is a huge variety of specialist gear, customer service and great entertainment.

Said entertainment comes in the form of store owners Dan and Stewart. These guys don’t sell games over a counter, instead they use social media and word of mouth. Through ordinary methods of advertising in windows, billboards and TV ads, most independent shops can’t compete with the likes of the high street chain. This shop has found another way by not only creating a ‘shop’ for your gaming needs but a community too.

Playnation-Games3 Playnation-Games4

This community involves an array of videos by the owners, shop assistants, bystanders showcasing new games, old games, classics vs new range. They even do game play-throughs with the most hilarious commentary – not to sell the game, just to show how fun multiplier gaming is. If a customer isn’t convinced by the playability of the hundredth Street Fighter 4 release, why not challenge them to a battle?

The store offers a wide range of games spanning from Megadrive to Sega Saturn, including, but keeping up to date with all the new releases. Whilst business and banter carries on below, their addition of the second floor opens up a whole new world. In need of streetpasses? Come down and have a Pokemon battle or two and make new friends.


For a nominal charge of £2.50 (redeemable against any purchase) you have access to the facilities upstairs equipped with four retro stations for casual or competitive gaming. Even if that’s not your cup of tea, bring your rucksack of decks for Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic Tournaments upstairs. With weekly tourneys on various games you have the chance to play other gamers without having to travel far.

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